Girls' Frontline VA11 Hall-A Crossover Art Detailed

  • Art for Dorothy Haze and Alma Armas revealed
  • They join Jill Stingray and Dana Haze as confirmed characters for the collab
  • Alternate art teased

Yesterday an art reveal posted on the official Korean Twitter account included characters from VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action crossover announced earlier this year. The characters pictured are Dorothy Haze and Alma Armas. 

Earlier tweets on the same Twitter account also confirmed two more characters, Dana Zane and Jill Stingray. 

How these characters will function in the game remains unknown 

Other art teasers include cropped images of alternate costumes for the characters. 

The charater's damaged portraits were also posted on the r/girlsfrontline subreddit. 

Link to Reddit Post