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The major story event Mirror Stage picks up the story after Dual Randomness, featuring a two fold story following both Ange and the Commander once again. This event also returns to a more normal event layout, compared to Dual Randomness, and will be familiar to longtime players. 

Viewing the story-only stages will give rewards as well, so do not neglect them! 

Farming & Ranking

If you're just here for the Mirror Stage farming guide, that will be coming soon, to cover all dedicated farming maps. In the meantime, check out the Should You Farm page if you are unsure who you want to pick up from this event!

Difficulty Slider

Mirror Stage returns the selectable difficulty, with EX and Normal versions of all maps, along with a variety of new and 'exciting' Paradeus enemies.

New Enemies

First, there are 'updated' versions of existing Paradeus enemies. Apparently, going through a carwash and extensive waxing procedure improves combat performance. 

  • All three of them have way more HP (about a 50% base increase for Gunners and a 60% increase for Gladiators and Striders)
  • Gunners and Striders have higher Accuracy (about a 40% base increase for Gunners and a 30% base increase for Striders)
  • Gladiators and Striders have more Armor (about a 50% base increase)
  • Striders have higher RoF (50% base increase)

carwashed GladiatorA well waxed Gunner. Cleanliness is speediness for Striders?


These intimidating-looking enemies are frequently found at the front of Paradeus enemy formations. Their HP is decently high, and in addition to force shields, their ax becomes a shield while moving, granting them a further 50% damage reduction. When attacking, they can hit the unit on the tile behind their target, though their damage stat is very low. Against these enemies, moving your tanks forward to both protect the DPS and remove the 50% damage reduction is a good idea.

You may also see these enemies called Punishers in some resources written before we had official translations. 

He just wants to Axe you a question. -Defenders. Defender defends.

Hymnal Organ

These enemies exist because Paradeus remembers the Taunt Fairy and saw the same thing in Assimilated Manticores and Ringleader tanks. These enemies prefer to stay at the back of enemy formations, and attack with high accuracy, armor-ignoring shots that deal more damage the LESS links their target has. Against these enemies, use evasion-focused tanks and focus them down with backline-targeting DPS.

You may see these refered to as Cherubs. 

They still die to grape-Hymal Organs. Single link delete.

Quill of Patmos

Pylon of doom. Cleanses debuffs off your enemies, and cleanses buffs on your echelon. Only good thing about them is that they don’t attack, while also having extremely high FP values, which allow certain dolls to target them as a priority.

You may see these refered to as Visjnoe. For once, MICA didn't fail at names. 

Buff Cleanse Pillar
Watch how G36 stops glowing despite still having uptime left on her Skill. 


Agents are not the SF enemy, instead these are fully human enemies who have annoying targetting AI. They continue moving forwards every few seconds, even after shooting the first time, which can resulting in bypassing your Echelon entirely. 

Not that kind that steps on you.


Rioters will be somewhat familiar to veterans of the Gunslinger Girl collab, and bear some resemblance to KCCO archers. They throw moltovs are your Echelons doing explosion Damage and then ticking damage after that. They are shorter ranged than the the Archers and will do serious damage if you are not careful. 

These feel uncomfortably topical nowadays

Event Rewards

Mirro Stages's clear rewards are nothing short of downright amazing - a free True Core Mask for clearing the story, Kolibri for free, and tons of goodies just for reading story? Sign me up! 

Clear Rewards

Heavy Ordnance Corps

Since the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, players should have now had plenty of time to raise them up to higher rarities - with Ranking EX mode being balanced around higher rarity HOCs! The story has a reliance on them this time around, with plenty of Paradeus enemies in the field, often which chunky force shields to go with them. While there is a mechanic to work around this, relying upon that is not recommended!

HOCs are invaluable to deplete enemy shields, destroy enemy emplacements, and sometimes just for the devastating direct firepower certain HOCs like 2B14 can provide.

For shield-breaking and installation-destroying purposes, Mk-153 is the ideal unit, with an extra unit of range when compared to BGM and AT4. Commanders without all HOCs trained should focus on training Mk-153 before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs that involve breaking force shields or structures will assume the usage of Mk-153 unless otherwise specified.  

Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Already raised your HOCs but want a little bit of extra firepower for ranking? Optimize their stats by calculating the best possible chip layout!

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by clearing any event stage. 

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Tokens, Quick Analysis Contracts, exclusive Furniture, along with at least Dummy Cores, Resources, Universal Parts, Calibration Tickets, and possibly much more not shown in this infographic!

All Commanders can farm 60 Supply Boxes per day easily. As these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm these daily since the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. The chance at free Shotguns is not one to easily pass up.


Continuing the 'trend' of SMGs with strange gimmicks, VP1915 is a DPS-ish SMG who also applies vulnerability. 

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

While the new farmables for this Event, Derringer and Model 99 are nothing to write home about, we get some powerful returning Drops to make up for it. General Lui returns immediately after her debut event, and P22 is back on the list, in a more palatable farm than her Isomer one, even with Pilfer now on the table. Mondragon and Five-seveN also make returns, and Lewis is here to give everyone who missed her in Isomer and previously a chance to round out that collection. 

Mirror Stage still have dedicated farming maps, which allow for a far smoother farming experience. Please stay tuned for our Farming guides and compositions. 

You can check out the analysis of the new MS T-Dolls as as well as the MOD batch that arrived with the event on the links below. We'll update it as we release the analysis.

New Limited T-Dolls
MOD batch
Returning 4 and 5 star T-Dolls
Returning 3 star T-Dolls

Chapter Clear Guides

Due to past issues with guides arriving on EN with bugs due to client issues and unforeseen changes, we are again releasing guides as maps can be validated. Please stay tuned for updates, and we apologize for the inconvenience. 


Chapter Farm Guides

Farming guides are coming soon, please stay tuned!

Optimal Daily box farm

C1-2ex, C4-3ex or infi map of choice
C1-2ex requires parachute fairy.
C4-3ex has some rng to it, it can technically be done without para, but is way more consistent with para.

If you don't have para just do an infi map 10 times for boxes and cores. Also, if you don't have para, check the Fwee Pawa guide and go get her!


Mirror Stage's ranking rewards are a mixed bag. Cheerleader Fairy is an interesting reward, with a bit of fiddliness but a strong niche and apparently has seen use in the Fixed Point events ranking, along with a nice SPEQ for WA2000. What is good to see however, is cumulative rewards. That means that you no longer need to hit a specific scorethreshold to get the Fairy/SPEQ only collect a certain number of points. Granted, this number of points is quite high, so quite a few start/restarts are required, or fiddling around with Map 1. 

Cummulative rewards

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