Monthly Roadmap: July 2022

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A quick rundown of this Roadmap by an awaugery Dinergate:

did you stop being stupid about ringleaders and events? they're releasing together (this doesn't answer the first question)

CT friend echelon? After maint

type64 speq when? monthly login

Liu costume Halloween? yes, obviously

which collabs have a high chance to rerun outside the ones we've had? the ones we've had are more willing to work with us and are more likely to re-rerun than the others (at least that's how I interpret that)

bug fixes? in progress

summer or MS first? summer

floof, mecha, detective when? sometime during next two months, new ones later this year (new as in this year on foreign? or what gdi Mica)

PR this year? there's a chance, maybe, who knows, our percentage use is lies and slander

3.0 without any translation or testing time for our terrible back-end workarounds? no, it'll be tested and tled first

lockdown? lockdown something something discord

Note that we do not condone using something something instead of smthsmth

Now, details below:

Mirror Stage

Now is the time you should absolutely pay attention to the story and lore. The scope of the story is widening, and many important figures both public and in the shadow will soon play their cards. Be sure to read between lines in this event.

Mirror Stage features several new enemies (those who have attempted the new, revamped Defense Drill probably faced some of them).

We'll cover them soon:tm: in a detailed article, by the one and only sandwich, BLT

Look forward to our article covering these new enemies!

And our clear and farming guides when Mirror Stage rolls out


It has been revealed the T-Dolls that will be in the Supply Box in Mirror Stage, as well as its release day: 26th, as expected.

Along with it, we'll also be getting a Login Event, as usual, starting July 20th.

Kolibri will be a Clear reward, and it's highly recommended for every Commander to acquire her.

Lastly, they have also released MS' Promotional Video, linked below!

Look forward to our clear guides, as well as farm guides!

New Mod batch *4


The silhouette in the Roadmap belongs to Welmod, or domrod for the intimate.

While the mod batch was not confirmed during Q&A, we believe it'll be Welrod's mod batch released in foreign, which included: Welrod, Type 56R, Type 80 and F1

New Skin Batch

ukm summer

With UKM as the cover of this summer batch, it's one of the best batches so far, including LTLX, DP-12, Px4 and PPK. Truly a T-Doll for every type of Shikikan of culture out there.

Morning Fable



Night-Tide Invitation



Soda Tale



Foliage Romance



Soaring Starfish



Pink Coral



Floating Mint Tea



Seaside Paradigm



Polarized Light in Campaign

While a surprising addition, Polarized Light being permanently available doesn't mean much in terms of having T-Dolls worth farming.

M82 is potentially worth farming for, for those wishing to unlock the Bond Stories

Worth noting that, for those who didn't complete PL, or didn't play it at all, the FCCs and Prototype Fairies available in the original run will still be available!

Login SPEQ

This month's Login SPEQ is for CZ75, which makes her tomahawk target furthest enemy and have a pierce element to it.

In the words of Hass:

I mean, that just turns her from a s**tty bamboo HG to a s**tty bamboo HG that inherited a trait from the s**ttiest bamboos in the game: Pzb and JS05.

Oi Adam! That's not me.

New Summer Event

Soaring Starfish



The new Summer event that we should have technically gotten last year, with the silhouette belonging to PM5's summer skin.

MICA hasn't announced yet its arrival date, but given that MS still needs to arrive in July, it's likely to be released on the first Tuesday of July (as it'll run for three weeks), with it ending right when MS starts.

PM5's skin will be an event reward

As usual, we'll be covering this event when it's released, so look forward to our clear and farming guides!

And to more Lewis expressions!


As expected, MICA's announcement tweet stated a July 5th release for summer event. Look forward to our clear guides and Should you Farm guides!

New Ringleader



Indeed, the silhouette belongs to none other than Summer Architect (or Sharkitect).

Much stronger than her base version (and that seems to be a trend that she started), Sharkitech is a ringleader worth pulling even for those who don't love a pyromaniac dork like Mars does.

Stay tuned for her analysis!

For now, we have White Nyto arriving on June 28th!

Tinfoil Hat Section

Welcome to July's Tinfoil Hat section! Let's have a look at what Q&A brought us this time, and-

Really facebook?

Even for Q&A standards, this really hits rock-bottom.

I must say this is impressive, if not downright depressing.

Well, now you know why we barely bring facebook Q&As here.

Anyway, this month's Q&A is surprisingly missing the mod batch, which, as far as my memory goes, is a first. It's hard to believe that absolutely nobody asked about them when they're on the Roadmap...

Moving on, the whole "No new Ringleaders during Major Events" seems to have been thrown right out of the window, which just makes it seem like it was an excuse to cover up lazy works on our side when DR was released.

Seems like they're finally fixing CT's lack of friend echelons. While not mentioned, we hope this means they'll fix it for SC as well (and that PL won't arrive with the same bug)

As noted above, they're bringing the Summer Event first, which means that MS will hit on July 26th.

Dartboard percentage, as usual.

Liu fox on Halloween (they did switch this year's Halloween with last year's after all, so moot question)

Smthsmth (take notes Zessy) collab reruns with those whose zodiac signs have a good affinity with MICA's.

And that's it. No info on mod batch, or possible T-Dolls rerunning on summer. Guess we sit and wait.

Could have been worse. They could have been as out of touch with reality as Reddit Q&A was:

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