Is there a way I can farm these efficiently? Most of my doll skill levels are around 5-9 and having a hard time training them all to max level. I feel like I can only train one or two dolls during Data Mode days.

Asked by ShiningDiamond5 months 1 week ago


Short of just throwing your credit card at it for bonus data from the shop it's always just going to be a gradual process. The best you can really do is just get your data team to the point where they can get as much data from a single run as possible.

Ideally you just prioritise your main teams in order of importance while everyone else caps at level 4 skills for a while.

My farming echelon currently sits at around 35k effective power, so each run of data missions give ~217/96/48 data packs. Leveling up from 8 to 10 does require a fair bit of waiting and I don't usually train a whole lot of T-Dolls at those levels at once, but the lower tiers give enough data for very little energy cost, that I consider farming them to be reasonably efficient.