Will Bamboo RFs be necessary on the incoming Arctic Warfare event? If so, am I better off using Springfield (with Mosin Nagant if one short nuke won't KO the bosses), NTW-20, or IWS?

I have the HGs needed, so I only need info on which RFs to use.

Asked by ShiningDiamond5 months 2 weeks ago


by Mechty 5 months 2 weeks ago

Nuke RFs are never necessary. They are more of a luxury that you usually level up after you're done with all your main stuff. As for which nukes, Springfield+Mosin Nagant is a better duo than NTW+M99 due to their way shorter CD and better DPS. I'd recommend you stick to ARSMG as those are fail proof, but if you want to use Nukes, then Springfield + Mosin are the way to go about it.


So now that we can see the bosses in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=6EPIcNV-SjQ&ab_channel=HibachiMan

You definitely won't need bamboo squads. In fact you would probably really be losing a lot of dps by using them, since you would have to withdraw a nuke RF if they were targeted. Either that, or they'll lose some links, making their nuke worthless. If you were to use any special squad, a 5 HG squad would be pretty decent for the high mobility + the big nuke to finish off at 1/4th health to avoid the 2nd big nuke from enemy boss

For Artic Warfare specifically, I'm not sure, but I can give you a general rule for bosses: if they have moderately high armor, use DMG (Lee/m14) comps. If they have ridiculously high armor, use IWS xodia comp. Nukes are just kind of meh.

The only reason to use nukes is for bosses, and even then they fall short compared to standard DPS RFs (Lee/M14) in most cases. Even in cases where nukes are a better option than typical DMG comps, xodia comp with IWS works even better.

All that being said, springfield/moist nugget is still a pretty good combo for general purpose boss fights, just not optimal.

It will depend on what kind of bosses they are. I believe bamboo squads were invented to destroy bosses that have an initial period of invincibility and the bamboo abilities allowed players to take them down in one shot when their shields are down. That is the one thing these echelons can do best. I don't know which bosses have the shield though