As a collector, will I be able to get some limited t-dolls again?

Didn't want to make the title too long, but I want to know if I can get T-Dolls again. For example, I wasn't around during the Five-Seven, JS05 and CZ75 events, so I missed them. As for battle drops, I am aware that Five Seven is available in Arctic Warfare(and I think CZ75 too?), however I'm unable to go past the night battle part due to not having a strong enough team for it(my equipment is bad, my SAA is underleveled and Grizzly is the only one in the echelon with a skill level above 1) and as for the 1st map, I don't want to risk my echelon's life just for a chance of getting a 2star. All in all, I want to know if limited dolls(besides the collab ones) become available later on as map drops, event rewards or added to heavy production pools.

Asked by Akril3 months ago


Hey mate

In most cases limited T-Dolls return whether it be added to construction or being added as limited drops in major events or rescue events.

Though this will be a long time in the future for most and those added to construction are generally only available form heavy production.