First HG/RF

Guys you help me a lot for my SMG/AR echelon, now I need your help for my very first HG/RF echelon. Currently I'm running this setup:
WA2k | PPK | none
SAA | GRMK23 | none
M14 | none | none
So I've just pulled Welrod and I think I'll put her in. Any suggestions or tips ? My biggest problem is that this formation actually take a lot of damage so is extremely low to level up

Asked by oberyn931 week 3 days ago


I think it depends on what girl you want to keep. GrMk23 is better for night battle (she is still very good in normal battle), PPK is not a good choice for tanking (her evasion is really good) unless you have another girl to either decrease the opponent's accuracy or increase her own evasion. For that, you can use either Welrod or Marakov (If you are low on cores).

WA2k | Welrod or Marakov | none
SAA | PPK | none
M14 | none | none

You can use a team like this if you want to prioritize PPK and make Wa-chan a shredding machine.
If you want to change SAA, why don't you try switching to Grizzly?

WA2k | Welrod or Marakov | none
Grizzly | PPK | none
M14 | none | none

This team will bring out the evasive ability that PPK has, and give Wa-chan a bit more damage.
If you want to level up, I suggest switching PPK or GrMk23 out for an SMG that you have, much easier to level up.

WA2k | none| none
SAA | PPK or GrMk23 | SMG
M14 | none | none

Or if all of your girls have fully opened 3 slots of equipment then you can just use this team, just remember to give PPK the best exoskeleton you have.

WA2k | Welrod or Marakov| none
SAA | PPK | none
M14 | none | none

Hope this helps you somehow.
P/S: This is based on your team, I haven't tested it out yet, but this is kinda similar to the team I use. And my two favorite girls are Thompson and Grizzly, so I tried to sneak Grizzly in there, sorry for that.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You helped me so much, however today I've pulled two makarov and a calico. So I've planned to use this formation
Wa2k | Makarov | none
SAA | Welrod | none
M14 | none | none
this until I'll drop one of grizzly or stetckin to replace SAA.
I want to thank you again, you helped me, but now I've another question if you can help me again. You say that GrMk23 is great in night battles, can you suggest me a night echelon ? I've 9A-91 and Ots-12 that I know is good for the night but I can't pass 1-4 N


I only just passed Night 3-4, so I can’t help you with later maps.

Wa2000 | none | none
SAA | GrMk23 | UMP9
M14 | none | none

You can use UMP45 but UMP9 is quite as a substitute, not a good choice but also not a bad one. This is to fight against heavy armored boss, though this team will fall short against some enemy because the formation cannot protect Wa-chan or M14-chan, you got the stun grenade to stall them a bit. (1)

9A-91 | Skorpion | none
OTs- 12 | Ingram | none
Wa2000 | none | none

If you don’t want an RF/HG team, you can use AR/SMG/RF, but I don’t really recommend it since it lacks damage against armored enemies, and as you know, no vision. Skorpion and Ingram are two cheap SMGs that goes well with 9A-91 in my opinion. In this team, you can use 9A-91 massive skill as she gets an accuracy, rate of fire, and damage. OTs-12 can self-buff and try to deal some damage. Wa-chan can be used against armored enemies. (2)

none | Wa2000 | none
M950A | SAA | SMG
none | M-14 | none

This is a team that uses the M950A that you just mentioned, it would help M-14 more than Wa2000 because of the rate of fire cap. I don’t really think that this is useful (3)

Wa2000 | Makarov | none
M1895 | PPK | none
M14 | none | none

Finally, this is the team I use to clear Night 3-4, they are all about Level 80-ish, so I just give them all the stuff they should have, PPK and Makarov with a suppressor and an exoskeleton. I use this team mainly because I want to focus the damage boost on Wa-chan and try to use PPK as a tank, and with Makarov’s skill and M1895’s skill, her damage intake won’t be too high. Depends on the situation, I often reconsider and use an SMG to replace PPK.(4)

Team 1 is a safe team to use for Night battle, and you can minimize the repair cost too, it can easily beat up night 2-2 to 2-4 with a whole team level 60~70, with a 4x dummy link SMG and a support elechon. Team 2 is to answer your question of using ARs in a night battle team, and team 3 is to try and use M950A. Team 4 is for a team with level 80+ or so, and it will help the tank to survive for a tad bit longer.

Girls to consider using for night battle in my opinion: SVD(RoF buff skill, do I have to say more), Stenchkin(again, Rof buff skill), M1911(2 stars but an accuracy tile buff and a smoke grenade, pretty useful).

P/S: My luck is terribly bad, so I don’t have much 5 or 4 stars to use, so I mostly use lower stars girls, you can use any girl you like. This is so long already:v


Thank you so much again!!!!!! Your response is pretty explicative I'll definitely follow your precious tips and go for it with formation n°1. Meanwhile I try to roll Stenchkin to improve both HG/RF an Night echelon.
Thank you, really!
See you space cowboy


You did. Interesting and quality posts.
If i may ?
I use shotguns on some echelons, even RF ones, just for the armor.
M590 (yeah i know, i do not have better yet but she has decent armor and hp) in central front, makharov just behind, and wa2000, SVD and m14 in last row. Its not fantastic since i have units between lvl 50 and 80, and i am sure there are better echelon build, but its rather ok and functionnal. Armor is quite reliable in fact for my game stage.


I don't have any SG because I never seem to be lucky enough to even pull one, so after wasting 10k on every resource I decided to stop and concentrate on the normal pull. So the nearest I have to an SG is M16A1, and she is a really good masochist too :v
I never really think about using a 3 RFs team before, to me it is too offensive but I think I will try to use one.


Try to use the recipes in the heavy crafting guide.
You will get one. 100% Reminder: you only get SG in heavy production.and never go over the advised threshold with ressources, it is very counter productive: you may actually gimp your chances to get the targeted class of units.