Handguns for a Spingfield/Mosin Comp.

Working on a Springfield/Mosin comp now that I have their equipment and was wondering best pistols for the comp. I was planning on Contender in the back middle and Makarov in the center. But who are the best options and placements for a the 3rd handgun? Trying to make a slightly more versatile comp than just pure bamboo nuke, but if that's foolish let me know.

Asked by SkullBadger4 months 2 weeks ago


What server? Assuming EN
- NZ75 would be pretty good in either 8 or 2 (num-pad position) due to her skill and the evasion buff for makarov, plus a little extra damage for whoever is behind her. Good survivability/damage combo
- If you're looking for more rof, you could do m1911 (survivability/rof) or ppk (pure rof/damage).
Honestly either of the three would probably be equal in survivability, because killing enemies faster than they can hurt you also prevents damage taken, usually more reliably than evasion.

As for the versatile nuke squad, it's not really a *bad* idea. Especially with springfield's special equip, her pre 6-second dps is the best of any rifle (iirc), so it's not impossible to get her to kill most enemies before they fire a shot. However when they release later chapters you're going to want dedicated nuke squads for particular mission.

Yeah English server. NZ75 is one I hadn't considered. Its a really good idea, will try that. And yeah I'm working on a Large bamboo Nuke squad with NTW, grizzly, SAA ,ect for later. Wanted to make her the dedicated Nuke as NTW was my first 5-star. Thanks for the help.

Contender is an awesome addition if you plan on killing bosses; her skill won't be useful in normal fights. I prefer Stechkin at support to get a bit of damage plus a lot of RoF.
I put PPK (M950A is probably better but I don't have her yet) at main tank, then moving her right in front of the open RF; that RoF buff is super helpful to both.
Makarov or Welrod are then my best offtanks for that tasty acc debuff. You can keep either at main tank if you don't plan on moving units, but PPK is more than capable.
I'm still experimenting but this is what I've found best.

Edit: Welrod gives slightly more RoF, and all around just a great unit, she is probably better.

Yeah Stechkin may be stronger. Ill give her a test at some point vs contender. They use the same slot easy swap. I would use Welrod, but she is on my other rifle comp. So I figure I'll use her Russian clone. I had heard M950A isn't the best main tank, but with Makarov's skill should be no problem. Thanks.

Gotcha, I have the same problem with Welrod lol. But yeah, M950A isn't a good tank at all, but it's the only way to get her buffs on both RFs in normal compositions, so you have to move her at the start of the battle so she isn't actually main tanking. Kinda like a second off tank. Good luck!

by WAM710 4 months 2 weeks ago

The Stechkin is always a go-to for rifle loadouts. M960A as well. Essentially anything with ROF buffs are good.