Could anyone help me create 5 good and effective echelons with these T-Dolls? I've made some but I feel like I can improve.
Echelons 4 and 5 are composed by T-Dolls that I could not fit into other Echelons.
Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

Asked by NekoFlak5 months 2 weeks ago


Hey Mate

Your first Echelon is pretty well set (Anti-Rain is always a sound formation), personally I would swap UMP9 for M16 assuming you have an armour plate for her as she is an DPS off-tank with the same skill as UMP9. Note: this only works when using M4A1 due to her special buff tiles.

The rest of your echelons are a bit haphazard here are my recommendations. With what you have i would do the following

Echelon 2: 3AR/2SMG

G41 UMP9
416 MP5

G41 has excellent DPS while FAL's quick firing triple grenade can clear a good number of enemies with any left overs being cleaned up by 416's grenade

Echelon 3: 2RF/2HG/1AR
SVD Makarov
ZAS Grizzly

This is a balanced all purpose echelon that can efficiently deal with both armoured and un-armoured enemies. ZAS's fast firing, large radius de-buff grenade provides support to your RF's while also helping deal with un-armoured enemies during night battles.

Realistically you don't need more than 3 echelons for combat at the moment. Since you seem to be a relatively new player based off the levels of your dolls you should not be focusing on a MG/SG/HG echelon due to their high resource consumption but if you insist on using one the best you can make is:

SAA Mk23 Elphet

This formation actually does more damage than an echelon with 3MG's would while being cheaper to run

With what you have left you can't really make any effective echelons and realistically if you have unlocked 5 echelons at least two of them should be permanently running logistics missions for resources.

I hope this helped and I apologise if i was a bit long winded in what i wrote

Good Morning. Thank you very much for the help, I loved the explanation you gave me.
I would like to ask a few questions:
1) With these 3 echelons, can I do AW without major problems?
2) I do not even use Negev, NZ75 or Thompson?
3) What T-Dolls worth investing Dummy Cores first? PKP, HK or FAL? I have 56 now.
4) The third Echelon has no tank, does it really work? I tried to create a no tank one time and it did not work out very well.

Once again thank you for the great help you are giving me. Have a great day.

Q1) As I haven't played on other servers I haven't experienced AW but all the guides I've seen have recommended at least 2 AR/SMG echelons, 1 HG/RF echelon and 1 MG/SG echelon all at least Lv90 5X Dummy to clear all three chapters. Also note this event will be significantly harder than previous events but you only need to clear the first 2 chapters to get all the exclusive stuff for which the MG echelon is not compulsory. Check this out for more details

Q2) Negev is a MG specifically designed for long drawn out fights while M2HB and PKP are both designed to end the fight as soon as possible which is preferable almost 100% of the time. To reach the same DPS as the aforementioned MG's Negev needs to reload 3 times the last of which ends at about 30 seconds which is far too long.

NZ75 is similar to Grizzly in terms of buff tiles but she focuses more defence rather than offence which limits her viability.

Thompson is essentially the opposite in stats to MP5 with low evasion and high health, but MP5's crit rate buff is superior to Thompson's damage buff.

Q3) As I said in my original answer you should not be focusing on MG's until you have at least 2 maxed out AR/SMG echelons and can gather enough resources to support the high consumption of such echelons. As such i would not recommend investing in PKP. Between the other two their overall performance is fairly similar although FAL's grenade tends to be more adaptable than 416's. Though do not ignore lower rarity dolls as there are some real gems in 3 & 4 star pools.

Q4) RF echelons generally rely on the excellent evasion of HG's to survive and get as many buffs as possible, although if you are having issues surviving I would swap Grizzly for Thompson like so:

SVD Thompson
ZAS Makarov

then at the start of the battle swap Thompson's and Makarov's position.

I hope this cleared up you questions.