Before you say anything, yes, I know I probably deserve to be pilloried for using MG4 this much. I've been trying to find a replacement for her for months now, but I haven't decided on anyone yet. I do have a fresh PK, and I'm trying to get PKP, but PK does not provide armor, which Elphelt in tile 6 is going to need.

Current echelon setup is

MG5 | //////// | ///////
BAR | Welrod | Elphelt
MG4 | //////// | ///////

Any ideas, guys?

Asked by Walpurgisnacht5 months 1 week ago


Well, first - you can replace welrod. Her skill has no use here (even with decreased accuracy enemies will still be able to hit elphelt), and her rof buff is mostly wasted in MG's. You better use mk23, grizzly, contender or other HGs with damage buffing tiles and/or skills.

Second - don't stick to armor buffs so much. Elphelt has hella high armor on herself, and she does not need much more. Plus, she wouldn't need to take hits with her armored manly chest if enemies will be killed before they can reach her (smartNibba)! So you may freely replace mg4 with PK and live happily.

Formation should look kinda like that:
Pk |None |None
BAR |mk23 or whoever i have mentioned| elphelt
Mg5 | none | none

Hope I helped. Good luck my fellow commander.

Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can do about replacing Welrod. She was there from the beginning, before I even had a SG to setup this team, and she's about the same level as BAR so I kept her there as my other HGs were underleveled. Right now my Grizzly is part of another echelon and MK23 is barely leveled, but I'm trying to craft Contender. I'll look into leveling her once I've gotten her.