I'm currently using a 3 MG 1 HG 1 SG team:
BAR l Mk23 l KSG
PK l

But I've seen in some of the T-doll analysis and from some players the use of a second HG, usually SAA instead of the MG in BARs position.

Do you know which one is more effective? 3MG / 1 HG or 2MG / 2HG?

Asked by Warspite5 months 2 weeks ago


So this will vary depending on the situation. The 2 MG/2 HG/ 1 SG formation is much more ammo efficient and the MGs become really powerful because of the extra buffer. But because MGs fire in salvos and have reloading periods with a limited number of bullets in each salvo, having 3 MGs gives you about 50% more bullets in the first round of fire. Against formations with extra numbers of enemies, 2 MGs might not have enough ammo in the first salvo to take everything out right away but 3 MGs most likely would. So in case 1, you get great dps because your 2 MGs are buffed to high heaven. In case 2, you get great dps because you have 3 MGs. However with case 1, you have the advantage of being very ammo efficient which can save your butt during events (when time and resources become crucial) while in case 2 you have fewer enemy formations that will give you trouble because of the higher shot count and your SG may get one extra buff. They are both about equally powerful in most situations but they have those specific advantages over one another in certain situations. Like if this helped! :D