Hello again everyone,
after playing this game for 3 days now and getting some nice units (apparently Tier 1), I am wondering about how to best use my cores ...
Of course I spent some already on the M4A1, but now I also got the UMP-45... she's a 4* available through production, so now I wonder:
should I invest cores for T-Link, for units that I might get multiple times, should I just focus on T-Dolls with 2-3* that you get all the time, to finish the story, or should I already think about the future and fight/lvl-up/invest into Tier 1/2 units and use them as well to clear all the basic missions?

Asked by Luzifer6 months 1 week ago


Hey Mate

The general rule with high rarity T-Dolls early game is two 4* or one 5* in order to avoid running out cores. Since that UMP45 is such a good SMG i would recommend investing cores in her and M4A1. For the rest of your squad just use 2* and 3* dolls and do NOT use cores to link them as they are fairly common from both production and map drops.

In regards of thinking to the future you should get a AR/SMG echelon to lv90 5 link and clear at least chapter 6 then use your high level dolls to help level any other dolls you want to raise.

Thank you!
Sounds pretty reasonable I was just wondering, whether the UMP should need cores as well, but I have no clue, how often I might be able to build her again... apart from that, I pretty much already have my future lvl100 5-link team figured out... just need a Vector :(

You can use cores to link UMP45 pretty safely if you only have 2 4* in your first echelon. Especially because UMP45 is pretty much worth any investment, since she's the best smg in EN, and is still top tier in the future.

You'll probably get enough cores to link them from 4-3E. Depending on how much you grind/play, you can probably get 2-3 dupes from production before she hits 90.

P.S. https://sangvis.science/list/all
For your recipes

Thank you for the help and especially for that list with production details, I was able to get the Vector after my 8th attempt with a solid production spread