Question regarding latest patch

I don't know if it's just me, but reload cancel doesn't seem to work like it did before the patch. Granted, I only have one T-Doll (M1918) that I use it with, but with the same timing as before, the technique doesn't work. Is this on purpose or just a bug? Anyone else experiencing this?

Asked by joejoejoe1eee3 weeks 6 days ago


by Mechty 3 weeks 2 days ago

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, Mica fixed reload cancelling because it wasn't intended. You can still pull it off and shave off maybe one second worth of reload but it's not worth risking failure and going through the entire animation again. Why they decided to do this I don't know, as it only nerfed MGs that couldn't properly end battles within one volley like the big 4 can.


Yea, they nerfed it in the latest patch. I still think you can still save time with a quick reload, but it may just be my imagination. Something like 1/2 a second rather than 2-3.