Recently got myself a RFB and I'd like to add her in a echelon but I don't exactly know where to put her. I have 2 AR/SMG echelons running ATM the strongest being :

G41 G36C
G11 UMP45
What or who does she go best with to maximize her effectiveness ?

Asked by ExoticColor6 months ago


Well she basically has the lowest RoF with the highest damage out of ARs, so maybe use tanks that can boost her RoF, like RO635, Vector, or SR-3MP. I'd say she'd be perfect in a DPS focused group based around SR-3MP as your main tank, as she buffs accuracy which is also SR's weakness.
RFB | Vector
Buffer | SR-3MP

Note that I do not actually have her yet; I'm basing all this on her stat line, so take it as you will. Also your main echelon may be lacking a bit of damage from G36C as your offtank. If you can, Vector would be perfect there.

I got her very quickly so I'm in the same boat. I'm super excited to build an echelon around her but all I can do is speculate. After playing with some arrangements, I liked the idea of having at least one smg or pistol that can buff her rof a decent t ammount. I used ppk as off tank to give her a hefty 32% rof which brings her to about 71 rof. She needs a good rof buff to reach her max potential. For the main tank smg, I would use anything else. It doesn't have to buff rof. If you use ump45, then your other 2 DPS can be ones that appreciate a damage buff like G11 or star15. I like this because it's a hybrid damage/rof echelon. I don't have G11 though and I have t had enough time to do real testing but that's my 2 cents.