Is there away to Store T-Dolls some where away from the main storage?

Asked by DarkLoneWolf5 months ago


I assume you mean away "from" main storage (typo). Anyway. No, there isn't. There is a limit to the amount of T-dolls you can store (100). You should get rid of 2* via enhancement or disassembly for unwanted 3*.

If you really were hurting for space you can disassemble some dolls that you actually want but don't have time/data/reports to train them and recover them later (cost cores but meh).

What do you mean by that? Is there a 100% way to get my girls back without out the RNG by just using cores or something?

EDIT: Didn't see somebody already answered this so OP don't need to read this

Yes. Go into the index and click the doll you want, at the top lef (above share) there's a recover icon. You can recover any t-doll you've previously obtained and don't have in storage anymore (dismantled) at the cost of cores. The cost is what it costs to get 1 dummy link for that doll, so 15 cores for 5*

No, the armory is the only. If you are a collector you need expand the space with gems.

You can drop the unused T-Dolls or repeated on Factory, I recomend disassemble the 3 or more stars and use 2 star on the enchanment.

Let's assume by "storing" you meant storing new and unleveled T-Dolls you've got but haven't used. Like jamman83 said up there, you could disassemble them for cores, and they'll still be available to Recover from the Index.

Recovering costs the same amount of Cores needed to Dummy Link them once, and can be done once per week to get back a Level 1 T-Doll with untrained skills.

Otherwise there is no way to stash away high-leveled and skill-trained T-Dolls short of buying more space. This isn't Fate/Grand Order where you could store stuff in the Second Archive.