Please, I need suggestions to complete a new formation. Equipment for day battles and T-Dolls suggestions

T91 / Vector / -
G41 / - / -
G11 / SR-3MP / -

Asked by Reinforce5 months 1 week ago


by cypher 5 months 1 week ago

Imo, you should choose between shrimp and vector. Both are dps oriented SMG off tanks, so i would replace one of them with a doll like UMP45 or RO in middle tile.

Oh, btw, reddit and /gfl on /vg 4chan board are better if you want advice. /gfl being the best, and pure cancer at the same time.
Gamepress is very useful as a database, but not very active, and not good on analysis (terrible in fact).

Why would you use T91 on day runs? Anyway.

I would throw type 79 (if you have her) in the middle (5 numpad) slot. Nice damage boost and a flashbang. Flashbang has good synergy with vector's grenade (it can stun them in the flames).

Otherwise, you could keep Shrimp and trade vector for UMP45 /RO and swap g41 for FAMAS or OTs-14. Throw Ur best accuracy accessory on Shrimp (obviously).

Thank you, I can use Type 79, FAMAS, HK416 or ART556 but i don't want change from C formation.