I just managed to acquire the aforementioned doll, Ribeyrolles. I feel like I've heard lots about her, I just don't recall if it was good or bad. So in short, is she any good? Where would she fit on the tier list? What are her strengths? Etc.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by WAM7106 months ago


Short answer: yes, she's good.

Explanation: Look at her tile buff. It buffs ARs, not SMGs. That's a 20% damage buff. Plus, her skill buffs everything in her tiles again, with not only a DMG buff, but a RoF buff. We're talking 45% damage buff (possibly 50%, but i'm not sure if it multiplies or adds to the buff) to the other ARs. Slap her in a squad with g11, and g11 will turn into maxed RoF super damage RF.

tldr; Think of her as a super M4A1


But I think M4 is still a little better in a non-specific AR/SMG comp. Ribey doesn't buff crit nor her self dmg so she's better in high dmg/low RoF AR teams.