What should I be doing while burning all of my resources to get G11?

So I've got an echelon of 3 level 75 smgs( Ump45. PPS-43, STEN MK II), a level 75 FAL, and an oathed level 80 Gr G41; I haven't started chapter 6 just yet, and I've got a bit of an issue.

I want G11 and I've burned through everything to try to get her (I still haven't). What should I do in the meantime? Try to finish Chapter 6/7? Do my second (ever) night mission? Level my echelon to 100?

Edit: Hey everybody, I just wanted to update this question. Thanks to your answers and a bit of luck, I got the following:
1. G11 turned up just in time to try the new bed I got for the dorm. Mission accomplished, I got what I wanted.
2. I made my echelon hate me but I finished chapter 7. (Totally didn't use friend units)
3. Sten is now doing logistic work.
4. A second AR echelon is forming, along with an RF echelon that dies instantly because early pistols don't make great tanks.
5. I'm at a stable, solid, 200 ammunition with 0 contracts.

Asked by TheBigMT4 months 3 weeks ago


If this is your main echelon, ditch STEN and try to level up a third AR while you wait for G11 to come home, preferably M4A1. Just keep leveling your main echelon, try to start a couple of secondary echelons using any other good units you've gotten along the way (the story ARs and RO635 are all quite good choices), and make your way slowly through the story missions. You'll eventually craft who you want, but the main thing to focus on for now is getting at least a couple of echelons to x4 or x5 links.


by Lokoth 4 months 3 weeks ago

You probably want to want to make an echelon with 3 ARs in the backline (M4A1 and AR-15 are very good options) and 2 SMGs in the midline, so it wont lack damage.
About what you want to do: Try to clear the campaign -RO635 is an awesome tank- and get to at least N2-4 to unlock the equipment enhacement/calibration. In order to clear night battles you might need 1 or 2 HG/RF echelons or ARs with enough damage to punch through armor (9A-91 and Mk23 are good options).
Another thing that you might want to try is S-ranking all the maps to farm the gems. You'll need at least 3 usable echelons for chapter 5+
Dont keep waiting for the rolls, that will come by itself as you play! GL HF


This. M4 and strAr15 are amazing. Get one more good AR and you have a great back row. Ro635 is great, and you can get a second smg, offensive or defensive, and have a very decent echelon.
And do not hesitate to use support echelons from friends. Its a very important feature in fact.