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I know this might be a stupid question but what do I need to complete before chapter 8 unlocks? I can't find it anywhere.

Asked by Fitz
2 weeks 5 days ago

So im a huge german weapon fan so I want to create an only German weapon(weapons only made by German manufacturers H&K, Mauser,Etc.)echelon what is the best setup i can make.(the only german…

Asked by Getmerked312
2 weeks 6 days ago

I've noticed that when I try to answer a question, the text field appears quickly and then promptly closes. I assumed it was just a problem for my phone so I tried using a computer... Same problem…

Asked by derpiphany
1 month 1 week ago

So I've been playing this game while now, got a lot of the 5 stars, not all, and I have my main echelon maxed out team and everything which is a simple ar/SMG team, question is, I know that hg/…

Asked by Eskimew
1 month 1 week ago

What would you think of a 3AR 1SMG 1HG squad?
Something like
SopMII, Welrod, Empty
AUG, Mp5, Empty
FAL, Empty, Empty
You can swap in and out whoever…

Asked by SRoehr
1 month 2 weeks ago

Can anyone tell me all the hidden achievements and how to do each one of them i only have one right now.

Asked by Yviera Iris
1 month 3 weeks ago

Basically, after a new major update got released, I keep on getting code 3 errors frequently now (5-10 errors per hour)
Only happens when capturing HQ on 2-3 and 2-1 though, while no errors…

2 months ago

so i have an AR/SMG that i assume is "good" for night mission.

OTS-14 RO635
Contender PP-19-01

i'm planning to rise another vector and use her to replace RO635.…

Asked by JustShyncase
2 months ago

What is the expert's opinion on 1RF 2AR 2SMG composition? Worth ever using it or is it garbage?

Asked by NeutroNShivA
2 months 3 weeks ago

My user name is H0KUSAI and my UID is 541176

Asked by eyoisho
3 months ago