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So I've got an echelon of 3 level 75 smgs( Ump45. PPS-43, STEN MK II), a level 75 FAL, and an oathed level 80 Gr G41; I haven't started chapter 6 just yet, and I've got a bit of an issue.


Asked by TheBigMT
7 months 2 weeks ago

Why in god's green earth is there not a single Metal Gear meme or reference in the Colt Single Action Army's explanation.

This a serious and terrible oversight. I expect better of you,…

7 months 3 weeks ago

I don't know if it's just me, but reload cancel doesn't seem to work like it did before the patch. Granted, I only have one T-Doll (M1918) that I use it with, but with the same timing as before,…

Asked by joejoejoe1eee
7 months 4 weeks ago

I'm just creating another echelon for manual farming and wanted to try 3 ARs, Grizzly and a solo-tank. Who whould be the best SMG for the job? I'm using UMP45 in another echelon btw

Asked by Lokoth
7 months 4 weeks ago

So I'm level 49 an this is my AR/SMG main echelon:
AR 15
UMP 45

Now i'm aiming to WA2000 to replace SOPMOD or there are better choices ? I…

Asked by oberyn93
8 months ago

Hello. I've completed 6-6/E6-4, must I finish all other maps (E&N) or is there different criteria needed to unlock CH7?

Asked by Lonetsukasa
8 months ago

I've got several echelons idling while I corpse-drag 0-2 and was wondering if
using auto-battles is worth it for leveling up considering the resource cost? And if yes, then which ones are…

Asked by Satorio
8 months ago

my equipment storage is full, anyway to get rid of unwanted equipment ? I haven't unlocked equipment calibration...
wut should I do

Asked by DioXide
8 months 1 week ago

I have an echelon squad with ;
M16A1 : L 71
M4A1 : L 77
AR-15 : L 75
UMP45 : L 76
UMP9 : L 64

should i replace ar-15 with lv 23 SOPMOD? i realize my team doesn…

Asked by Utulu Lutuna
8 months 1 week ago

What kind of levels should my main echelon have before taking on night mode all the way to 2-4N?

Asked by proddity
8 months 2 weeks ago