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Analysis by moonlee7777
T-Doll Role
Sustained DPS

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 121
Max DMG 69
Max ACC 37
Max EVA 33
Max ROF 54
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects SMG


Strike Focus
Initial CD (5s)
Level 10 Effect Self DMG +35% / Self ACC +100% (5s)
Level 10 Cooldown 8 Seconds
Show All Skills Info
CD 10 9.8 9.6 9.4 9.2 9 8.8 8.6 8.4 8
DMG+ 15% (3s) 17.2% (3.2s) 19.4% (3.4s) 21.7% (0.7s) 23.9% (3.9s) 26.1% (4.1s) 28.3% (4.3s) 30.6% (4.6s) 32.8% (4.8s) 35% (5s)
ACC+ 50% (3s) 55.6% (3.2s) 61.1% (3.4s) 66.7% (3.7s) 72.2% (3.9s) 77.8% (4.1s) 83.3% (4.3s) 88.9% (4.6s) 94.4% (4.8s) 100% (5s)
T-Doll Costumes
Battle Sailor




6P62 is mediocre all around due to her greatly unbalanced kit.

6P62’s first downside is her stats. On the one hand, 6P62’s stats themselves aren’t abysmal, featuring the highest Damage out of all ARs. On the other hand, 6P62 has one of the lowest Accuracy stats on top of the lowest RoF out of all ARs, severely hurting her overall damage output. Even worse is the face that her Skill is mediocre, only providing a slight buff to her Damage. One thing to note about 6P62 is that unlike any other AR, she can equip Armor Piercing shells; but as not equipping APCR high velocity ammo puts her far behind other ARs in damage in normal battles, this “strength” is not much of a strength.


High Damage Stat

6P62 has the highest Damage stat out of all ARs, sitting at a whopping 69.


Low Accuracy and RoF

6P62 has the third lowest Accuracy out of all ARs, and the worst RoF in exchange for her high Damage stat.

Bad Skill

Her skill boosts Accuracy, which does make up for her relatively low Accuracy, but the lack of a strong Damage boost makes her weaker than units with much lower Damage than her.

Full Analysis

6P62’s kit, while unique, is still far from good.

The first problem with 6P62 is her stats. While the saving grace of her statline is her Damage stat -- which at 69 is the highest Damage stat out of all ARs -- her unbalanced, below average Accuracy and RoF (due to her lower stat total as a 3 star AR) have a big impact on her overall damage output. To make matters worse, this isn’t an issue of her stats being bad, but useable; 6P62 possesses the lowest RoF out of all ARs and the third lowest Accuracy, making her RoF comparable to RFs and her Accuracy is similar to that of MGs with none of the benefits these classes possess. Even though 6P62 has a phenomenal Damage stat, her other stats drag her actual damage output down by a notable amount.

Another problem with 6P62 is her Skill. It provides up to a 35% Damage buff on top of a 100% Accuracy buff; while the Accuracy buff does cover off for 6P62’s low base Accuracy, she’d much rather make use of a sizeable RoF buff to boost her damage output.. In addition, as this Skill provides an Accuracy buff along with a Damage buff, the Damage buff is comparatively small compared to other Damage buffs ARs possess. So despite 6P62 having a very high base Damage, due to her low base RoF on top of a less impactful Damage buff in her Skill, she falls behind in DPS when compared to her peers.

One peculiar aspect to 6P62 is her buff tiles, in which she provides a whopping 35% Damage buff to one SMG directly in front of her. While the Damage buff isn’t helpful for many SMGs, it does create interesting synergies with offensive SMGs like Vector.. 6P62’s tiles still see niche usage, however, and are not good enough to compensate for the rest of her kit.

One final unique quality of 6P62 is that unlike any other AR, she is capable of equipping AP shells. The AP Shell does give her an advantage over armored foes, especially the large groups of high armored units that appear later in the game. In addition, as armored units have 0 Evasion, 6P62’s low Accuracy is a non-factor but this does make the Accuracy boost her Skill offers her redundant. In addition, she still falls behind in performance when compared to the night ARs OTs-14 and 9A-91, and even falls behind in overall damage dealt to armored units when compared to G41. Another factor that makes this quality less useful than it may first appear is the fact that armored units may be accompanied by regular units in Night battles.. By equipping an AP Shell instead of an APCR ammo, 6P62 deals very little damage to normal units and is even less effective against Manticores, who are able to evade her due to their high Evasion.

All in all, 6P62 has an extremely unique kit that may, in some situations, net her very niche usage, but makes her far from useful in most scenarios. It’s almost always better to use a different unit who performs better generally or in specialized situations.

Team Options

SMGs Preferably With RoF Buffs

While 6P62 doesn’t need to be used with SMGs with RoF buffs, any would get a lot of mileage from any RoF buff she is granted. Some SMGs that can be used with her are RO635 and G36C.

Offensive SMGs

6P62’s buff tiles synergize well with offensive SMGs. A couple offensive SMGs that 6P62 works well with are Vector and SR-3MP.


As 6P62’s tiles make her ideal for use as the main damage dealer, she needs an Off-DPS AR to compliment her. Type97 and ST AR-15 are good teammates for her.


Unlike many other ARs, 6P62’s abysmal RoF allows her to be used with RoF HGs in order to boost her low RoF as high as possible. Some examples are Stechkin, Five-seveN, and Welrod.


The 6P62 is a Russian automatic anti-material hand-held rifle, chambering the 12.7x108mm round. This weapon was never adopted by any military forces as its high capabilities were overall unnecessary.6P62 is drawn by Yuzhong, the producer of Girls’ Frontline.

Voice Actor
Marina Inoue
T-Doll Full Name
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