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T-Doll Role

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 66
Max DMG 34
Max ACC 62
Max EVA 74
Max ROF 66
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects all
Rate of Fire10%13%15%18%20%


Observer's Strike
Initial CD (6s)
Level 10 Effect Throws tomahawk, 10x CZ75's base damage to targeted enemy
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
Show All Skills Info
CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
DMGx 5x 5.6x 6.1x 6.7x 7.2x 7.8x 8.3x 8.9x 9.4x 10x
T-Doll Costumes
Winter Gatherer




CZ75 is a HG with very niche usage, but she’s great at what she does.

CZ75’s entire gimmick revolves around her Skill, featuring a 6 second Initial Cooldown and a single shot that deals 10x her Damage stat. In a typical Echelon, this Skill is mediocre at best due to not offering support and CZ75’s low Damage stat, but it does shine in some specific compositions. In a 5HG Echelon employed when farming easier maps, CZ75’s resource efficiency is used in tandem with her Skill, which helps boost the team’s damage output. Against easier bosses, her Skill is also faster-activating than that of Nuke RFs while CZ herself is less resource-costly to run than most other alternatives.

CZ75’s kit itself, however, isn’t bad either. She gives both Damage and RoF buffs in her tiles, which is a phenomenal buff that fits in almost any Echelon. With a Damage buff of 16% and a RoF buff of 20%, CZ75’s tiles are almost on par with Welrod’s -- though her tile formation layout isn’t nearly as good. Regardless, CZ75’s buffs are a solid addition to many Echelons if they are lacking other alternatives.


Phenomenal Tile Buffs

CZ75 buffs both main offensive stats -- Damage and RoF -- by a decent amount, giving her a tile buff on par with Welrod’s. Although she usually isn’t used as a buffer, thanks to her tiles, it’s a possibility to be considered if a better unit isn’t available.

Unique Skill

CZ75 is the only HG that possesses a Skill similar to the Aimed Shot Skill of RFs. While this Skill isn’t the best in normal Echelons, in specialized Echelons built to capitalize on it, her Skill can be a great help.


Niche Usage

Due to her Skill being an offensive Skill, CZ75 is often replaced by HGs with team-buffing Skills or utility Skills in normal Echelons.

Full Analysis

Although CZ75 is mediocre outside her niche, within it she’s second to none.

CZ75, despite having a different purpose than any other HG, is still an HG, which places a good amount of importance on her tiles. The buffs CZ offers are phenomenal: +16% to Damage, and +20% to RoF allows her to boost the damage output of any unit. This allows CZ to somewhat fit into conventional Echelons, as she provides buffs in her tiles on par with some of the better HGs. If there was one negative to CZ75’s tiles, however, it would be her tile formation -- as she does not buff directly backwards, she has to be used in either the main tank position or the support position. Unfortunately when used in the main tank position, CZ does not buff the unit directly behind her, limiting her use in ARSMG echelons. Despite this, her tile formation isn’t a huge downside, as she still provides buffs to most of the important units.

CZ75’s main positive feature is not in her tile buffs, but rather her Skill. CZ75 is the only HG to have an offensive Skill, possessing an Aimed Shot-like Skill which deals 10x her Damage stat to one unit. In a conventional Echelon, this Skill works against her, as HGs generally are not sought after to deal damage and rather fill a supportive role. On top of this, as she usually isn’t extensively buffed in a normal Echelon, CZ’s Skill does not end up dealing much damage anyways. There is, however, one Echelon composition where her Skill gets to shine: the 5HG Echelon.

The 5HG echelon is a niche Echelon used mainly for farming rather than tackling difficult content, although it is capable of doing either with sufficient micromanaging. This composition is usually used due to how resource efficient it is to run 5HGs compared to other types of Echelons, often costing almost half as much resources, if not less. CZ75 is a valuable part of many variations of the 5HG echelon, as she is one of the only HG that can properly tackle bosses. With 4 HGs buffing her with Damage, CZ75 can take a hefty chunk out of a boss’ HP bar in a short period of time. Her Skill is timely as well, as it only takes 6 seconds to activate and around 2 seconds for her to throw her tomahawk (instead of the 10+1.5 seconds or the 15+2 seconds of RF Aimed Shot Skills). One thing to note when using CZ75 for her Skill, however, is that the enemy she targets is completely random -- if there are any other units on the field like escort enemies, CZ75’s Skill may hit them instead of the boss. Still, there are only a few bosses in which this is an issue, and overall is only a minor concern. Another thing to keep in mind is that CZ75’s Skill is affected by Dummy Links the same way RF Aimed Shot skills are, and therefore it is ill-advised to leave CZ75 in the frontline.

Overall, CZ75 is exceptionally useful in certain circumstances. While she’s not a unit that absolutely must be invested in for most players, the resource-conscious may find her to be an invaluable member of their team.

Team Options

HGs With Damage Buffs

In order to make her Skill deal as much damage as possible, HGs with Damage buffs are used with CZ75. Some HGs that provide very powerful Damage buffs are Mk23, Grizzly, and SAA.


The CZ75 is a popular sports pistol worldwide and the most common handgun in the Czech Republic. It started development in the early 1970s and started production in 1976 -- Frantisek Koucky, the designer of the pistol, was not allowed to register patents for the pistol overseas, and so many copies and clones of the gun were made by other companies internationally. The CZ75 was originally made for export; it was not sold in Czechoslovakia until 1985.

Voice Actor
Shiho Kokido
Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod
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