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T-Doll Role

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 86
Max DMG 38
Max ACC 51
Max EVA 66
Max ROF 54
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects all


Fire Command
Initial CD (6s)
Level 10 Effect Ally DMG +25% (8s)
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
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CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
DMG+ 15% (5s) 16.1% (5.3s) 17.2% (5.7s) 18.3% (1s) 19.4% (6.3s) 20.6% (6.7s) 21.7% (7s) 22.8% (7.3s) 23.9% (7.7s) 25% (8s)
T-Doll Costumes


Transform! Teddy Bear!


Starry Night Prom




Grizzly, with her kit, focuses purely on Damage, which makes her extremely useful in some scenarios, while not so much in others.

By herself, Grizzly is solid. Her tile buffs provide an infusion of two stats: Damage and Evasion, allowing her to support not only DPS units, but also tanks. Additionally, her skill buffs Damage, further boosting an Echelon’s damage output. She does, however, have a few weaknesses -- her buff tile positioning prevents her from being an effective member of the frontline, and the fact that she buffs Damage makes her unsuitable to be used with RFs. Overall, though, these limitations do not make Grizzly a bad HG, or even a mediocre one; her uses are simply more limited than some of her comparables.


Great Tile Buff

Grizzly’s buff tiles provide boosts to both Damage and Evasion, allowing for her to support an Echelon’s damage dealers and tanks.

Damage Oriented Kit

Grizzly brings to the table both a Damage buffing skill and Damage tile buffs, providing the second most powerful Damage buff from one T-Doll in the game.


Awkward Stats

Although Grizzly has high HP for an HG, her Evasion is abysmal, making her unsuitable to tank.

Ineffective Buff Tile Position

Grizzly’s lack of coverage of the tile behind her makes her unsuitable to be used as a subtank, forcing her in between the two damage dealers in the back column.

Full Analysis

Grizzly -- with her potent Damage-buffing ability derived from both her skill and her buff tiles -- serves as a semi-versatile support for many teams.

Grizzly provides the second strongest Damage buff overall ingame, with a 30% Damage buff from her tiles along with a 25% Damage buff from her skill. Due to HGs requiring less Resources to use, Grizzly can be slotted into a team to make the Resource cost of running the Echelon cheaper while often matching or even raising the overall damage output of the formation compared to other compositions. Grizzly also provides a 20% Evasion buff to the tank directly in front of her, helping the tank sustain their HP.

There are many factors, however, that should be considered while using Grizzly; first and foremost, a thing to consider is her spot in the Echelon. Although Grizzly has an HP stat befitting a tank -- with one of the highest HP stat out of all HGs -- unfortunately, as she has low Evasion, she is not fit for the position of a main tank. In addition, due to the way Grizzly’s  buff tiles are arranged, her tiles end up buffing one or no damage dealers if she is placed as a sub tank. Therefore, the only effective position for her is in between two damage dealers, replacing a damage dealer in the case of an AR+SMG team.

The second factor to consider when using Grizzly is unique to AR+SMG Echelons. Due to her most effective position being in the back column along with the damage dealers, it raises the following question: can Grizzly can buff the Echelon enough to replace the deficiency left from removing a damage dealer? Additionally, as HGs in general give stronger buffs based on the number of Dummy Links they have, it is generally not recommended to use Grizzly in an AR+SMG Echelon until she has at least four Dummy Links along with a moderate skill level. This requires a notable time investment that may not be worth the benefits to some players.

A third factor to note is the strength of Grizzly’s Damage buff. HGs are most commonly used in HG+ RF echelons -- and because RFs already deal high damage, they often end up overkilling foes without the help of buffs. Grizzly’s damage buff, then, usually ends up wasted in this type of team composition. This, however, doesn’t mean Grizzly is completely useless in HG+RF echelons. Most starting players don’t have to worry about RF overkill, and Grizzly can provide the necessary buffs to jumpstart the damage output of an early HG+RF echelon. In addition, in many RoF HG+RF echelons, Grizzly can be utilized for the simple reason that there aren’t many other HGs that can fill that slot better than she can. Also of note is the fact that Grizzly also plays a vital role in Bamboo (OHKO) Echelons, where the goal is to buff the RFs with as much Damage as possible for one extremely powerful shot.

In conclusion, Grizzly is a solid Damage buffer that has versatile uses --  assuming the one using her possesses an understanding of her flaws. Although she doesn’t have maximum efficiency in any formation position and in any Echelon, she still provides adequate support for her class.

Team Options


  • HG Tanks - As Grizzly herself cannot tank, other HGs that can tank must be used to cover this deficiency. Some examples include Welrod, PPK, and Makarov.
  • DPS RFs with ROF Skills - Although no DPS RF fully appreciates Damage buffs, RFs that buff themselves with RoF benefit more from Damage buffs than RFs that buff their own Damage. Some examples are WA2000, SVD, and G43.
  • Bamboo (OHKO) RFs - As Bamboo RFs want as much Damage stacked on them as possible, Grizzly, with her potent Damage buff, is a vital teammate for them. Some examples are NTW-20 and M99.


  • Most SMGs - As Grizzly provides powerful Evasion buffs to the main tank, any tank synergizes well with her. In addition, as Grizzly does not buff the subtank, any subtank can be used with Grizzly. Some examples are UMP45, UMP9, and Sten MkII.
  • Any DPS AR - As every AR appreciates Damage buffs, Grizzly synergizes well with any unit in this class. Some examples are G41, ST AR-15, and T97. Something to note is that since M4A1 and Grizzly take up the same position in an Echelon, it is not advised to put the two of them in the same team.
  • Grenade ARs and SMGs - Grenade ARs and SMGs want as much Damage as possible to boost the damage output of their grenade -- and Grizzly is perfect for providing a powerful Damage boost. Some examples are M4 SOPMOD II, PPS-43, and FAL.


In the 1980s, the inventor of the Grizzly, Perry Arnett, licensed his design to L.A.R. Manufacturing Inc. After revisions to the original design, the Grizzly was created -- essentially, it was a modified, enlarged M1911 that aimed to use cartridges larger and more powerful than the ones the M1911 could handle. The Grizzly Mark V, which is the model that appears in-game, was created to fit the .50 AE, in order to compete with the infamous Desert Eagle.

Voice Actor
Ayaka Itatani
LAR Manufacturing Inc
T-Doll Full Name
LAR Grizzly Win Mag
Country of Origin
United States
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10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
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