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T-Doll Role
Burst DPS

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 84
Max DMG 135
Max ACC 78
Max EVA 41
Max ROF 34
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects HG


Chain Shot
Initial CD (8s)
Level 10 Effect Two shots, 1s ea for 3.5x base damage to curr targ
Level 10 Cooldown 16 Seconds
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CD 20 19.6 19.2 18.8 18.4 18 17.6 17.2 16.8 16
DMGx 1.5x (1s) 1.7x (1s) 1.9x (1s) 2.2x (0s) 2.4x (1s) 2.6x (1s) 2.8x (1s) 3.1x (1s) 3.3x (1s) 3.5x (1s)


Kar98k is a good example of rarity not necessarily corresponding to overall power level in the opposite way to M14, which unfortunately does not speak to Kar’s overall usability. Although she may seem powerful due to her high base Damage and relatively short Initial Cooldown for her charged shot-type Skill, Kar98k ultimately suffers from having both a below average RoF and a long period of downtime in combat when her Skill activates. Since self-buffing RFs largely perform better than aim-and-shoot RFs do, Kar98k simply falls behind powerhouses like M14, Lee Enfield, and WA-2000 so there is very little justification to use her -- just like most Bamboo/Nuke RFs.


High Burst Damage Potential

Kar98k has relatively high base Damage, which when combined with her Chain Shot Skill can lead to her dealing significant burst damage in extended battles.


Low Overall DPS

Despite her high base Damage, Kar98k’s low RoF and long Skill activation timer negatively impact her overall damage output.

Full Analysis

At first glance, Kar98k may seem quite appealing as a 5 star unit due to her high base Damage and Accuracy. Her RoF is quite low, however, which leaves Kar with low overall DPS when compared to RFs such as M14 or WA2000 who have lower base Damage but much higher RoF.

Kar98k’s most defining trait is her unique Skill, Chain Shot. At maximum level, this Skill deals 3.5x her base Damage to the current target after 1 second of aiming time, repeating itself once for a total of two shots over 2 seconds. Chain Shot has slightly lower total damage than charged shot Skills of other 4 and 5 star RFs, but also has a relatively short Initial Cooldown of 8 seconds -- a vast improvement over the 10 to 15 second Initial Cooldown of most other charged short Skills. Despite Chain Shot’s ability to potentially 1HKO two normal units, though, it is far weaker against bosses due to the invincibility frames some bosses receive upon reaching certain HP thresholds, which are unfortunately often met after Kar’s first shot upon her Skill’s activation. As a result, the second shot will generally deal no damage and Kar will have wasted that 3.5x Damage hit, making using Kar a questionable choice over other boss-killing RFs or more versatile self-buff RFs that offer much greater flexibility and utility.

Overall, Kar98k is not that effective of a unit, which is rather disappointing given her rarity. Not only is she weaker than the other charged shot RFs for the boss-killing niche slot they tend to fill due to the awkward nature of her Skill, she also is weaker than general-purpose RFs such as M14 or SVD due to her lower overall DPS. Moreover, the difficulty of crafting her means that her Dummy Linking core cost will likely be exponential. For these reasons Kar’s uses are rather limited -- one is usually better off using another unit instead.

Team Options

ROF Boosting HGs

Kar98k benefits heavily from pairing with HGs such as Stechkin, Five-Seven, and M950A who can supplement her low RoF.

DMG Boosting HGs

Kar98k’s Skill benefits from HGs such as Welrod MkII, Grizzly, or Makarov whose skills or tiles boost DMG.


The Kar98k served as the primary bolt-action infantry rifle for Germany during World War II. Although not as old as its counterparts, the American Springfield rifle and the Russian Mosin-Nagant, the Kar98k also continues to see use to this day as a civilian collector’s item, a German ceremonial weapon, and a general-use weapon in third world country militaries or insurgent groups.

Voice Actor
Ai Kayano
T-Doll Full Name
Karabiner 98 kurz
Country of Origin

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15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55
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