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Analysis by Ventus_Flame
T-Doll Role
Burst DPS

Basic Info

Craft Time

T-Doll Stats

Max HP 88
Max DMG 120
Max ACC 62
Max EVA 28
Max ROF 37
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects HG


Aimed Shot
Initial CD (10s)
Level 10 Effect After 1.5s aim, nearest target for 5.0x base damage
Level 10 Cooldown 16 Seconds
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CD 20 19.6 19.2 18.8 18.4 18 17.6 17.2 16.8 16
DMGx 2.2x (1.5s) 2.5x (1.5s) 2.8x (1.5s) 3.1x (0s) 3.4x (1.5s) 3.8x (1.5s) 4.1x (1.5s) 4.4x (1.5s) 4.7x (1.5s) 5x (1.5s)
T-Doll Costumes
Beach Princess




M1 Garand is a fairly average RF who is most useful in anti-boss teams due to her Locked Shot skill. Although she is not the strongest RF for the burst damage role and is outclassed in overall DPS by ROF or self Damage-buffing RFs, Garand’s balanced stat line makes her a decent budget RF for players who do not currently have access to better options.



High Burst Damage vs Bosses

Like other RFs with targeted charge shot skills, M1 Garand has significant burst damage potential against high HP targets.


Weak Clear Potential vs Mobs

Although she has good burst damage potential, Garand’s average stats leave her somewhat less effective at clearing mobs compared to ROF-based RFs.

Full Analysis

M1 Garand has a rather balanced stat line, with most of her stats caps within about 10% of the RF class averages. She has an above average ROF cap of 37, but her Damage cap is somewhat lower than that of the other RFs with charged shot skills. As a result, Garand’s overall damage output ends up being a little on the lower end for RFs, but not so much that she is totally unviable. Garand’s formation buff is also about on par for RFs of her rarity, but is better positioned as it affects the space directly in front of her, allowing for safer positioning in a standard F formation.

At maximum level, Garand’s skill, Locked Shot, deals 5.0 times her damage to her current target after a 1.5 second delay. It is an effective tool for fighting bosses, but is otherwise quite limited in its ability to clear normal mobs due to the long initial cooldown of 10.0 seconds.

In summary, M1 Garand is an average RF for a somewhat specific role, not outshining most other T-Dolls but not falling too far behind her peers either. Players should generally only consider using Garand if they are limited in their RF options, and otherwise should stick to ROF or Damage skill RFs for most situations.

Team Options

HGs with ROF skills or formation buffs

M1 Garand benefits heavily from pairing with HGs such as PPK, Makarov, and Welrod MkII that can boost her ROF to supplement her low DPS versus mobs.

HGs with DMG skills or formation buffs

Alternatively, DMG buffs from HGs such as M1895, Mk23, and Grizzly benefit Garand by increasing the total damage output of Locked Shot.


Iconic for the signature ping that marks the end of each en-bloc clip, the M1 Garand is one of the most famous and widely-used weapons of the 20th century. As the replacement for the M1093 Springfield rifle for standard military service in the US, the Garand has served millions of soldiers across the world in countless conflicts since its debut in 1936. Although it has since been replaced by the M14 and then the M16 as the US military standard rifle, the Garand is still used by honor guards, for ceremonies, and as a historical collector’s piece.

Voice Actor
Risa Taneda
Springfield Armory,
T-Doll Full Name
U.S. Rifle, Caliber 30, M1
Country of Origin
United States
Common Nicknames
M1 Garand, M1

Other Stats

15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55
30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90
Move Speed
Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage
Armor Pen.