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T-Doll Role
Sustained DPS

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 110
Max DMG 46
Max ACC 48
Max EVA 48
Max ROF 79
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects AR
Crit Rate30%


Damage Focus T
Initial CD (4s)
Level 10 Effect Self DMG +70% (10s)
Level 10 Cooldown 16 Seconds
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CD 20 19.6 19.2 18.8 18.4 18 17.6 17.2 16.8 16
DMG+ 40% (6s) 43.3% (6.4s) 46.7% (6.9s) 50% (1.3s) 53.3% (7.8s) 56.7% (8.2s) 60% (8.7s) 63.3% (9.1s) 66.7% (9.6s) 70% (10s)


M4A1 is the core of many AR squads, and for good reason. Due to her nature as an hybrid support DPS, one would expect her to be lackluster in one particular manner, but she does not have any glaring deficiencies. Her buff formation is sound, the buffs she provides are effective, her stats are solid, and her Skill is excellent -- possessing a short Initial Cooldown to boot. Overall and because of these reasons, M4A1’s kit is exceptionally synergistic and has no real weaknesses to speak of, other than the fact that she does not apply her tile buffs to herself. This makes M4A1 a great choice for most Echelons that make use of ARs, if not all of them.


Unique Buff

M4A1 is currently the only AR to buff other ARs, providing them with 18% Damage and 30% Crit rate tile buffs.

Great Buff Tile Orientation

M4A1’s buff tile formation affects all tiles next to and in front of her -- this allows room for experimenting with placements.

Short Initial Cooldown and Long Skill Duration

M4A1’s skill, Damage Focus T, only has a 4 second Initial Cooldown. It additionally has a whopping 10 second duration, meaning that M4A1 will have her skill activate almost immediately and will keep it active for a good duration of the fight.

Solid DPS

M4A1’s base 46 Damage and 79 Rate of Fire combined with her 70% Damage up skill allows her to dish out respectable damage, surpassing the likes of Gr G36 and FFC.


Cannot Be Dummy Linked Without Cores

Due to M4A1’s uncraftable nature as a story T-Doll, she can only be Dummy Linked using Cores.

Does Not Provide Self-Crit Buff

M4A1’s only real downside is the fact that she cannot make use of her own Crit Buff. This undermines her DPS compared to other ARs within her Echelon, however, it is not detrimental to her overall strength.

Full Analysis

M4A1 is the first story AR received for free by clearing chapter 2 stage 6, but don’t take that to mean she’s anywhere close to subpar. Toting unique formation buffs, an  excellent self-buffing skill, and a well-rounded statline, M4A1’s versatility makes her a common choice for many Echelons.

M4A1 provides other ARs in the Echelon with 18% Damage and 30% Crit Rate via her buff tiles. Assuming these ARs are equipped with five-star VFL Crit Scopes, M4A1 will push them to 88% Crit Rate, which is as good as AR Crit Rate gets. While another Crit buffer can be employed, this is not recommended as it would break the cap by 8%, causing inefficiencies.

Really, the only downside to these buffs is that M4A1 does not apply them to herself. Because of this, an SMG such as UMP45 which buffs Crit Rate for the entire AR column could still top M4A1 in buff efficiency. It should be noted, however, that this can be offset by running more damage oriented Echelon compositions. This can be done by making use of HGs that can buff every team member when placed on Tile 5 and Offtank SMGs that will make use of the additional buffs provided.

Moving onto her performance as an AR, M4A1’s skill is Damage Focus T, which boasts a 4 second Initial Cooldown, a 10 second duration, and a 70% damage boost effect. Her short Initial Cooldown makes her an excellent fit  for ‘quick burst’ Echelon compositions, while her 10 second skill duration means that she will likely be boosted for the majority of many fights. Her 16 Second cooldown, however, can be problematic when one is facing prolonged fights where M4A1 sees her skill run out.

M4A1’s statline is also quite well balanced. She has 46 Damage, which is 1 less than her comparable Gr G36. 48 Accuracy allows M4A1 to hit most targets, though since ARs are naturally accurate this stat does not really speak to her strength. It is her 79 RoF which is arguably M4A1’s best quality. This stat allows her to possess considerable damage output compared to many other ARs.

In summary, M4A1 possesses all the tools she needs to outdamage her competitors while also buffing her fellow ARs’ damage with her tiles. It is this incredible utility that makes M4A1 a great T-Doll to use at any point of the game, and for this reason it is strongly recommended to level her up as soon as possible.

Team Options

ARs with Short Initial Cooldown

Gr G41, Type 95, AR-15, Type 97 and Gr G36 can be used with M4A1 in an Echelon that’s built for taking advantage of in-unison short Initial Cooldowns.

Grenade ARs

M4A1’s buff tiles allow her to provide a much needed boost to her fellow ARs, and her Damage buffs specifically make her a good teammate for grenade ARs such as HK416, FAL and M4 Sopmod II.

Non Crit Buffing SMGs

Since M4A1 buffs AR Crit, further boosts to this stat are unnecessary. UMP9, Ingram, Gr G36C, PPS-43 are all decent Tank choices that do not provide Crit buffs. Although their tanking capabilities may not be the best, they all can provide the Echelon with something valuable, be it grenades and/or solid tile buffs that ARs appreciate.

SR-3MP can be an exception if the goal is a high DPS team composition without Incendiary Grenades.

  • SR-3MP has Crit Rate tiles and so it may seem slightly unconventional to use her an an Offtank with M4A1 on the team. An exception can be made, however, if one is looking to maximize DPS. The 8% Crit Rate buff that SR-3MP offers may be wasted on one AR, but M4A1 will benefit greatly from the boost in RoF and Crit Rate that SR-3MP has to offer.

Damage Buffing HGs

Welrod, MP-446 and Mk23 all provide very desirable Tile Buffs with solid orientation. However, due to Mk23’s Tile Orientation, she fails to buff the hypothetical Offtank SMG placed in Tile 8 which affects her overall efficacy in AR/HG/SMG compositions.

Although Grizzly can be used, she is not that good of a choice as she would not be able to buff M4A1 nor would she give the hypothetical tank in tile 5 an Evasion buff, not to mention Grizzly’s tanking capacity is very lacking.


Compared to the M4 carbine, the M4A1 carbine is an alternate fully automatic version that was primarily intended for and used in spec-ops operations. Its design was unveiled in 1991, and it took an additional 3 years for it to finally be put into service.

Contemporarily, the M4A1 carbine has been redesigned to improve heat dissipation and accuracy by thickening the weapon’s profile under its handguard. These redesigns have also included a heavier buffer, the H2. This modified M4A1 is typically differentiated in certain circles with the label of Model 921HB (Heavy Barrel), but more commonly is referred to and designated as the M4A1 along with its unmodified counterpart.

Voice Actor
Haruka Tomatsu
Colt’s Manufacturing LLC
T-Doll Full Name
M4A1 Carbine
Country of Origin
United States
Common Nicknames

Other Stats

20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
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