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Analysis by Mechty
T-Doll Role

Basic Info

Craft Time
1 hour 5 minutes

T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 73
Max DMG 33
Max ACC 62
Max EVA 74
Max ROF 63
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects all


Assault Suppression
Initial CD (6s)
Level 10 Effect Enemy RoF -30% (8s)
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
Show All Skills Info
CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
RoF- -18% (5s) -19.3% (5.3s) -20.7% (5.7s) -22% (1s) -23.3% (6.3s) -24.7% (6.7s) -26% (7s) -27.3% (7.3s) -28.7% (7.7s) -30% (8s)
T-Doll Costumes
Golden Coreopsis


ThanX! & Go2Hell!




NZ75’s kit provides a respectable boost to the Echelon’s overall resilience with an Evasion buff that is further complemented with an enemy RoF debuff. Her tile coverage allows her to buff the entire Echelon from the safety of tile 4 with 20% Damage and 30% Evasion, which makes her a not-so-unpopular pick for ranking maps in teams that feature 2AR and 1 offensive SMG. Since NZ75’s kit focuses a tad too much into defense which has the problem of featuring diminishing returns, though, NZ75 finds little use outside of critical situations where all the better options have been exhausted. So while NZ75 is not a priority to level up, she is also not a bad investment as she can find some use in maps that require up to 10 Echelons employed and options are stretched thin.


Great Tile Coverage

NZ75’s tiles have a great coverage that allow her to potentially buff the entire team from the safety of tile 4.


Too Defensive

NZ75’s kit focuses a little bit too much into defense, which is always less preferred to offense.Since the game formulas decide that defensive buffs are struck with massive diminishing returns, a higher percentage of offensive buff rather than defensive buff tends to work better in mixed-buff kits. Because of this, NZ75 can be considered the inverted, less effective version of Grizzly.

Full Analysis

With an amazing tile coverage that is only missing the diagonals behind her, NZ75 has something to provide for everyone in the Echelon from tile 4. A modest 20% Damage buff to the damage dealers and 30% Evasion to the frontliners makes NZ75 a decent all-rounder buffer for Echelons that involve ARs and at least one offensive SMG. For this reason, she finds a fair amount of use alongside SR-3MP.

NZ75’s enemy RoF debuff Skill is an interesting subject as it technically works as a direct DPS decrease Skill, but its impact wildly varies depending on which enemy damage dealers she faces. For example, Jaegers who already have a low RoF but pack an incredibly powerful punch will not see themselves strongly affected, whereas the Skill’s effectiveness against Strikers, Dragoons and Vespids is substantially higher. Overall it is useful enough to be classified as a solid Skill, though still less preferred to a team-wide buff or an enemy Accuracy debuff such as Welrod’s.

Since NZ75 focuses too much on defense, she is generally benched in favor of Grizzly, who inverts NZ75’s buff percentages to excellent effect. Grizzly’s Skill also further increases the Echelon’s damage output, but it should be noted that she doesn’t enjoy the amazing tile coverage of NZ75. The unreliability of Evasion as a tanking mechanic and the diminishing returns of Evasion buffs makes this stat not worth sacrificing damage over. Moreover, late-game enemies (chapter 7 and beyond) feature skyrocketing Accuracy that is over 100 for damage dealing enemy units, meaning that the required Evasion to somewhat reliably dodge tank would be around 200 to 300. Considering that every dummy calculates their own hit chance separately (which goes for both enemies and allies) the chances of taking damage in every enemy shot is very high, not to mention that RNG can and will always rain on your parade when it has the chance to.

In summary, while NZ75 is by no means a bad unit, she is also not among the best choices when building AR Echelons due to her defensive focus. During ranking maps where the player is required to field 10 Echelons, though, NZ75 finds a place where she can shine by providing something for everyone and being one of the best partners for SR-3MP-like SMGs.

Team Options

ARs, Two at a time.

NZ75’s tiles require her to be on tile 4 to make her a workable unit in AR teams, which sadly means we only get to pick two ARs. Between all of them, some of the best to employ are OTs-14, G41, ST AR-15, and Type97.

Off-Tank SMGs

Off-Tank SMGs are most of the time damage oriented, but there are still SMGs in the frontline that can make use of both a Damage and an Evasion tile buff that NZ75 provides. SR-3MP, Vector, and Skorpion are some of the best to use alongside her for this reason.

Other HGs

NZ75 can be employed as a more offensive option to P7 in 5HG Echelons since her buffs can be taken advantage of by HGs perfectly, and she is able to buff CZ75/Thunder with a damage modifier that complements their Skill’s damage unlike P7.


The Norinco NZ75 is the Chinese version of the CZ-75. Its design has been appraised around the world as a reliable and accurate double-action handgun and considered one of the first “wonder nines”, handguns which use a 9x19mm cartridge and replaced .38 revolvers used by law enforcers around the world.

Voice Actor
Shiki Aoki
T-Doll Full Name
Norinco NZ75
Country of Origin
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Other Stats

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10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
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