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Analysis by Mechty
T-Doll Role
Main Tank

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 194
Max DMG 27
Max ACC 14
Max EVA 71
Max ROF 97
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects AR
Rate of Fire 10%
Accuracy 35%


Mental Deterrance
Initial CD (3s)
Level 10 Effect Self EVA +70% / Enemy DMG -25% (5s)
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
Show All Skills Info
CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
EVA+ 40% (3s) 43.3% (3.2s) 46.7% (3.4s) 50% (0.7s) 53.3% (3.9s) 56.7% (4.1s) 60% (4.3s) 63.3% (4.6s) 66.7% (4.8s) 70% (5s)
DMG- -17% (3s) -17.9% (3.2s) -18.8% (3.4s) -19.7% (3.7s) -20.6% (3.9s) -21.4% (4.1s) -22.3% (4.3s) -23.2% (4.6s) -24.1% (4.8s) -25% (5s)


RO635 is a five-star SMG that is granted by clearing chapter 7-6 and is a member of the AR Team. She relies on her amazing Skill to tank that supplements her already very strong stat base. These qualities alone make her overall the most durable and adaptable utility tank. RO’s amazing tanking capability comes at a price, though, as her tile buffs are rather subpar and do little to help the backline deal more damage — something that SMGs are mostly sought for. Overall and despite her weakness, RO635 is an extremely strong tank against both mobs and bosses alike and is a highly recommended investment despite her suboptimal tile buffs.


Strong Stats

RO635’s well distributed stats allow her to take advantage of her Skill very well.

Amazing Skill

RO635’s fast activating Evasion self-buff and enemy damage decrease makes her an incredibly effective SMG tank in regular battles and boss battles. It even makes her a contender for the best unit in this role.


RO communicates with fellow T-Dolls in the dormitory through her megaphone. Isn’t that adorable?


Mediocre Tile buffs

Although RO635’s buff tile coverage is exceptional, her tile buffs themselves are rather mediocre. Accuracy is something ARs do not need as they’re inherently accurate, and RoF is less desirable than Damage buffs due to AR’s fast firing nature.

Full Analysis

RO635’s tanking prowess comes from a combination of her statline, her Skill, and the utility she is able to provide. Her high HP and Evasion allow her to take excellent advantage of her fast activating Evasion self-buff, and the enemy Damage decrease she inflicts consistently reduces pressure on allies and herself alike. As RO’s Skill has only 3 second Initial Cooldown, it will activate a bit before or just after she starts getting shot by enemies, wasting virtually no uptime. Although its duration is rather unimpressive, it should still last long enough to see regular battles through to the end. Because bosses are usually on the high Accuracy end of the spectrum, dodge tanking against them is unreliable at best, but RO’s Damage debuff remains effective against them and grants her an edge over her counterparts.

RO’s Skill can be further complemented with Accuracy or RoF debuffs provided by HGs commonly employed in AR Echelons, but because these HGs are usually placed in the main tank spot — and such a high amount of Damage reduction is a rare necessity — RO’s tanking capability is only a necessity in situations where an Echelon is under heavily damaging fire.

RO635’s tile buffs are quite possible the only average feature she has. ARs are highly accurate by nature, so they have no need for a further boost to their Accuracy. Moreover, while the RoF portion of RO’s buff is usable, it is still less preferred than a Damage buff. Despite her mediocre tiles, RO635 remains an incredibly effective utility tank and the most versatile one.

Team Options

Damage Self-Buff ARs

RO635’s tile buffs complement ARs that boost their own Damage stat quite well. Some notable examples are Type95, G41, G36, and M4A1.

ST AR-15

Unlike Type97, AR-15 needs a small RoF buff if using a VFL scope and EOT518 sight together to reach the 108 RoF threshold and maximize her effectiveness. RO635 can help her achieve this with her tile buffs.


The RO635 is the most prominent variant of the Colt 9mm SMG which was based on the M16 Rifle design. Newly produced RO635s are marked as SMG 9mm NATO and used by many federal agencies of the US.

Voice Actor
Ayaka Fukuhara
T-Doll Full Name
Colt 9mm SMG
Country of Origin
United States
Common Nicknames
RO, RO635

Other Stats

25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85
20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
Move Speed
Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage
Armor Pen.