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Analysis by Ventus_Flame
T-Doll Role

Basic Info

First Clear Reward

T-Doll Stats

Max HP 76
Max DMG 35
Max ACC 61
Max EVA 75
Max ROF 48
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects all


Cover Suppression
Initial CD (6s)
Level 10 Effect Enemy EVA -55% (8s)
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
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CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
EVA- -40% (5s) -41.7% (5.3s) -43.3% (5.7s) -45% (1s) -46.7% (6.3s) -48.3% (6.7s) -50% (7s) -51.7% (7.3s) -53.3% (7.7s) -55% (8s)
T-Doll Costumes
Embracing Snowflakes




SPP-1 finds the most use as part of MG Echelons due to her Evasion debuff Skill and strong Accuracy buff, which can greatly increase the efficiency of MGs against enemies with higher Evasion.


Strong Accuracy Buffs

SPP-1’s Formation Buff provides a small Damage boost and a massive Accuracy boost. Combined with her Skill that debuffs enemy Evasion, SPP-1 is a relatively good HG for use in MG teams when fighting high Evasion enemies.


Weak Damage Tile Buff

SPP-1’s kit focuses too much on making sure her companions hit their targets and her Damage buffs pale as a result. Because of this fixation on Accuracy which is rarely necessary, SPP is outclassed by HGs such as SAA with better distributed tile buffs.

Full Analysis

SPP-1’s stats are relatively unimpressive, with above average Accuracy and Damage but below average HP and Evasion, which generally forces her into a backline position. Her formation buff, on the other hand, provides a substantial 90% Accuracy increase and a modest 12% Damage increase, which is enough to make SPP-1 stand out as a unit. Although this Accuracy buff may make SPP-1 seem like an obvious choice for use in night battles, she is actually not as effective as HGs who provide additional Damage to the team -- The Accuracy buff does not efficiently offset the night Accuracy penalty for ARs due to the nature of Accuracy calculation (night penalty applies before Formation buffs), and PEQ sights are generally enough for most ARs to reach reasonable Accuracy levels. This does limit SPP-1’s utility more than may appear at first glance.

For the same Accuracy calculation reason, SPP-1 is not effective as a part of MG Echelons in night battles since MGs cannot equip PEQs. As a result, their already low base Accuracy gets lowered further to the point where even a 90% Accuracy increase is relatively inconsequential. During day battles, however, MGs can still benefit from SPP-1’s formation buff in order to have an easier time against high Evasion enemies such as Scouts.

SPP-1’s Skill is Cover Suppression, which at max level decreases the Evasion of all enemies by 55% for 8 seconds. This Skill synergizes nicely with the Accuracy boost she provides with her formation buff, but its Initial Cooldown of 6 seconds means its utility is limited in MG Echelons -- since battles will most often be over in one volley, her Skill won’t have a chance to activate. Cover Suppression also provides no defensive benefits for the tank(s) in the Echelons SPP-1 is part of, and as such it is generally recommended to use high DPS units (such as powerful MGs) with SPP-1 to avoid taking damage.

Overall, SPP-1 has a more limited scope of use than more well-rounded support HGs such as Welrod or SAA, but is relatively effective in situations where Accuracy is a main concern. Although her lack of defensive utility severely limits her use as a general purpose HG, SPP-1 can still find some use as part of MG Echelons.

Team Options

Strong Damage buffing units: SPP-1 does not provide much in terms of Damage buffs, so having another unit on her team such as Mk23, Grizzly, or M37 that can boost overall team DPS through tile buffs or Skills is highly recommended


The SPP-1 is one of the first and only models of an underwater handgun and was designed by the Soviet Union for use as part of a combat diver’s kit. Each of the SPP-1’s four barrels is not rifled and chambers one short-range steel dart rather than a normal bullet. The SPP-1 has better range and penetrating power than normal spearguns, but ultimately, like most other underwater firearms, it has seen extremely limited use even in its intended environment.

Voice Actor
Yuka Ootsubo
Tula Arms Plant
T-Doll Full Name
SPP-1 underwater pistol
Country of Origin
Soviet Union
Common Nicknames

Other Stats

10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
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Crit. Damage
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