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Analysis by Ventus_Flame
T-Doll Role
Burst DPS

Basic Info

Craft Time
4 hours 25 minutes

T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 84
Max DMG 128
Max ACC 72
Max EVA 40
Max ROF 32
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects HG


Steady Shot
Initial CD (10s)
Level 10 Effect After 1.5s aim, nearest target for 5.5x base damage
Level 10 Cooldown 16 Seconds
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CD 20 19.6 19.2 18.8 18.4 18 17.6 17.2 16.8 16
DMGx 2.5x (1.5s) 2.8x (1.5s) 3.2x (1.5s) 3.5x (0s) 3.8x (1.5s) 4.2x (1.5s) 4.5x (1.5s) 4.8x (1.5s) 5.2x (1.5s) 5.5x (1.5s)
T-Doll Costumes
Classical Witch


Christmas Blessing


Queen in Radiance


Awakened Mermaid




At first glance, Springfield is just another RF with average stats and a charged shot skill. After taking another look, however, Springfield has a distinct advantage over the other charged shot RFs: her unique Equipment. Although it may require a hard grind to obtain, Springfield’s unique AP Ammo puts her a step ahead of similar RFs, making her a somewhat compelling choice for night battle Echelons.


High Burst Damage Potential

Springfield’s Designated Shot skill gives her good burst damage against single targets such as bosses or the Data Simulation bots.

Unique Ammo Equipment

Springfield is one of the few units with special equipment. Her unique Equipment, the Match Grade Ammo, provides not only a very large Armor Piercing boost but also a significant ROF boost when max calibrated, which greatly increases her overall DPS.


Low DPS Without Unique Ammo

Although Springfield’s stats are not terrible, her overall damage output without her exclusive Ammo is relatively low compared to RFs with self Damage buff or ROF buff skills.

Full Analysis

Springfield’s stats are not particularly outstanding, with only slightly above average caps for Damage and Accuracy. However, Springfield is one of the few T-Dolls with a unique equipment drop, the Match Grade Armor Piercing Ammo. When fully calibrated, this particular ammo set provides not only a +85 bonus to AP but also a +10 boost to ROF, which bumps Springfield’s maximum ROF to the second-highest among RFs and more than 20% over the class average. When combined with her above-average base Damage, Springfield becomes one of the highest DPS Rifles before skills are applied, making her extremely efficient in short battles.

Springfield’s skill, Designated Shot, deals 5.5x her damage to the furthest target after a 1.5 second charge time at maximum level. This skill makes her a potent threat against backline bosses or armored units in long fights, as Springfield’s base damage is rather high. Depending on the position of the boss, however, the “furthest target” condition may cause Springfield to hit a target other than the boss, so players should be advised to pay attention to enemy unit positioning in battle before using this skill.

Overall, Springfield can do some serious work for players who are willing to grind 1-4 Night to obtain her special ammo. Otherwise, she’s relatively average and is generally weaker than ROF or DMG-based Rifles in most situations. Players should keep Springfield if they are willing to put in the effort -- if this is not the case disassembling her is not a significant loss if better RFs are readily available.

Team Options

HGs with DMG skills or formation buffs

DMG buffs from HGs such as M1895, Mk23, and Grizzly are more beneficial for Springfield than ROF buffs if she has her special ammo. Additionally, the flat DMG increase benefits Springfield by increasing the total damage output of Designated Shot.


The M1903 Springfield was one of the weapons that defined both World Wars as one of the primary service weapons for the US Military. Replacing the slow, inefficient single-shot rifles of the late 19th century, the Springfield helped to usher in a new wave of magazine-fed bolt-action rifles that became standard during World War I. Although it was officially replaced by the M1 Garand in 1936, Springfield rifles were widely used throughout World War II and continued to see use as sniper rifles up through the Vietnam War. To this day, the Springfield is a popular weapon among military drill teams and civilian collectors alike, and is recognized for its historic service record.

Voice Actor
Yui Horie
Springfield Armory
T-Doll Full Name
United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903 (M1903 Springfield)
Country of Origin
United States
Common Nicknames

Other Stats

15 / 25 / 35 / 45 / 55
30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90
Move Speed
Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage
Armor Pen.