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Analysis by moonlee7777
T-Doll Role
Anti-Armor DPS,
Burst DPS,

Basic Info

Craft Time
2 hours 33 minutes

T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 194
Max DMG 31
Max ACC 12
Max EVA 67
Max ROF 90
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects AR
Rate of Fire18%
Critical Rate30%


Damage Focus
Initial CD (4s)
Level 10 Effect Self DMG +260% (5s)
Level 10 Cooldown 8 Seconds
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CD 10 9.8 9.6 9.4 9.2 9 8.8 8.6 8.4 8
DMG+ 160% (3s) 171.1% (3.2s) 182.2% (3.4s) 193.3% (0.7s) 204.4% (3.9s) 215.6% (4.1s) 226.7% (4.3s) 237.8% (4.6s) 248.9% (4.8s) 260% (5s)
T-Doll Costumes
Black Rabbit Macchiato




SR-3MP is different compared to other SMGs in that she’s not used to tank -- instead, she’s used as a DPS unit. Her skill, which boosts her firepower by 3.6 times, allows her to deal damage on par with most ARs, sometimes even outperforming them.

Although SR-3MP has both good HP and Evasion, however, she cannot be used as a conventional tank. This is because of two reasons - First, as her skill is a self-buff offensive skill, she should not use Evasion-boosting T series Exoskeletons, which hurts her dodge tanking ability when compared to other SMGs. Second, SR-3MP requires a full 5x Dummy Link to deal the maximum amount of damage she is capable of, and even the loss of one Dummy will weaken her significantly.

In addition, SR-3MP is complicated to use to the best of her abilities. To use her to her fullest potential, her Echelon must be built around her, using ARs that buff Accuracy to patch up her own low base Accuracy. In summary, while she has her merits, SR-3MP is more of a niche unit who is not suited for every Echelon.


Well-Rounded Stats

SR-3MP has no bad stat compared to other SMGs -- she possesses high Evasion, high Rate of Fire, high Damage, and above average HP.

3.6x DMG Skill with Short Initial Cooldown

SR-3MP has an initial cooldown of only 4 seconds, which allows her to activate her skill ahead of most ARs.

High Damage Output

She is on par in terms of DPS with G41, one of the the best ARs in EN currently, after sufficient preparations.

Decent Tile Buffs

18% RoF and 30% crit covering all three spaces behind her is second only to a DMG buff.


Limited Utility

SR-3MP’s skill is an DMG up skill. This means that unlike Vector, who can use her skill to her full extent even with no Dummy Links, SR-3MP needs all 5 of her Dummies to output as much damage as possible. This means that she can’t afford to take much damage at all.

Requires Significant Team Support

SR-3MP, while having above average Accuracy compared to other SMGs, still has the inherently low Accuracy that comes with her T-Doll class. Therefore in order for her to reach maximum effectiveness, 3 ARs that can buff her Accuracy are necessary inclusions in her Echelon.

Ineffective Against High Evasion Foes

SR-3MP’s Accuracy can negatively impact her performance against certain foes. Even under the best circumstances, her Accuracy only goes up to 40 -- so against enemies such as T2 Scouts, SR-3MP will deal barely any damage.

Full Analysis

SR-3MP’s merit is her ability to pump out as much damage as any other DPS unit. There are many factors to be wary of, however, while using SR-3MP.

First and foremost, SR-3MP’s skill makes her who she is. Her skill buffs her Damage -- which is one of the highest out of SMGs with a base stat of 31 -- by 3.6x. Without any tile buffs, SR-3MP can get her Damage to 209, and once she receives Damage tile buffs from ARs, her DPS can rival MGs. SR-3MP is most effective against enemies with high HP and low Evasion such as Dragoons and Guards; foes other units have a hard time dealing with.

Although SR-3MP has a phenomenal skill, however, there are many factors that make her ease of use rather low. One factor working against her is that her base 12 Accuracy is horrendous. It is therefore necessary for her low Accuracy to be compensated for through the use of EOT sights as well as three ARs that can buff her Accuracy. This creates a situation in which a squad must be constructed around SR-3MP, which for many beginners is an infeasible task. Additionally, her low Accuracy also means that her utility in Night Battles is limited due to the Accuracy penalty present in these stages. Still, she can be used to easily mow down armored enemies at night -- due to their 0 Evasion, Damage buffs work better than Rate of Fire buffs against them.

Another factor that limits the use of SR-3MP in early-to-mid game is that she’s a much less consistent tank compared to other SMGs, even though her stats are above average. As her skill performs best when given as much Damage to work with as possible, she should not equip T Exoskeletons  which prevents her from becoming a prolific tanker. In addition to this, while other SMGs possess defensive skills to further increase their tanking capabilities, SR-3MP has an offensive skill, making her less effective than her peers at the tanking role her class is supposed to excel at.

Additionally, SR-3MP wants to take the least damage possible, as unlike grenade and molotov SMGs, each of SR-3MP’s Dummies do ⅕ of the total damage that SR-3MP deals. To a newer or intermediate player -- who has neither enough sustain nor a strong enough team composition to KO foes before they target SR-3MP -- it would be advisable to only use her when one finally has the ability to put her to good use.

Another dilemma that arises when using SR-3MP is team formation. Although SR-3MP’s weakness with tanking might make her seem suited for an offtank position, this means that she’ll be giving up the buff from one AR, which has a large negative impact on her damage output. A second option is to put her as the main tank and switch with the offtank in the beginning of every battle, but this is inefficient and cumbersome as SMGs move slowly and damage is wasted while they’re doing so. Because of these reasons, if one possesses SR-3MP, it is suggested that she is only used  when an Echelon is strong enough to afford forgoing a buff to one of its ARs, or when SR-3MP can be kept as a main tank while also comfortably maintaining her health.

Overall, although SR-3MP is a phenomenal unit when significantly supported and invested in, she is not recommended for use by new players who may not have the resources nor the specific units necessary to use her effectively.

Team Options

ARs with Accuracy/Damage

As Sr-3MP has inherently low Accuracy combined with a skill that benefits from Damage buffs, ARs that can provide Damage or Accuracy buffs synergize well with her. G41, M4 SOPMOD II, FNC, and G36 are all examples of ARs that provide the necessary buffs for SR-3MP.

HGs with Accuracy/Damage

For the same reason as above, HGs with high Damage and Accuracy buffs synergize well with SR-3MP.  However, one thing to note is that the usage of HGs is not recommended until said units have at least four dummy links. SAA is a prominent example, providing both Damage and Accuracy.

Defensive SMGs

As SR-3MP ideally should not take damage, another SMG that is proficient at tanking or is able to take the burden off of SR-3MP is necessary. Some examples of these units are  UMP45 and UMP9.

Offensive SMGs

As SR-3MP is an offensive SMG, she can also be paired with another offensive SMG in order to maximize damage output. A doll ideal for the job is Vector, who brings with her an extremely powerful molotov.


Based on the AS Val, the SR-3MP was made as a much more compact, portable weapon. Developed by the Central Institute for Precision Machine Building, it was used in Russia by the Federal Security Service for many undercover operations.

Voice Actor
Takada Yuuki
Tula Arms Plant
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25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85
20 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60
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