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Analysis by Mechty
T-Doll Role
Main Tank

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

Max HP 264
Max DMG 33
Max ACC 12
Max EVA 13
Max ROF 27
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects MG
Damage 12%


Damage Focus SG
Initial CD (8s)
Level 10 Effect Self DMG +120% / Attack hits 5 targets (8s)
Level 10 Cooldown 16 Seconds
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CD 20 19.6 19.2 18.8 18.4 18 17.6 17.2 16.8 16
DMG+ 30% (8s) 40% (8s) 50% (8s) 60% (0s) 70% (8s) 80% (8s) 90% (8s) 100% (8s) 110% (8s) 120% (8s)


Type97S is a four-star Chinese Shogun Shotgun that is overall effective at carrying out her duty as a frontline tank and keeping enemies at bay due to her high HP. Although her armor stat sits 2 points under the average for SGs, armor mechanics render this consequence almost negligible, as the result is only 2 extra damage received per incoming shot. Type97S does, however, have good tile placement and buffs, which is the most important factor for SGs. Her Skill will not see much use due to the fact that MGs are supposed to end battles within the first volley, which should generally be about 6 seconds into the fight. In summary, Type97S is a quite decent pick and a good choice to support MGs -- more than one would expect given that she is a free Shotgun.


Easily Obtainable

Type97S is a free reward for carrying out 10 Heavy Constructions, making her accessible for a vast majority of players.

High HP

Gifted with a max health pool of 1320, Type97S’ HP is on the higher end of the spectrum for offensive SGs.

Good Tiles

Type97S’ buff tile placements allows her to buff the entire first column with 12% Damage for MGs. Not only is this placement excellent, but the buff she offers is also useful to boot.


Low Armor

Type97S possesses only 20 base armor, which is a below average amount for SGs.

Too High Initial Skill Cooldown

Type97S’ Skill, Firepower Focus SG, has a long Initial Cooldown of 8 seconds, rendering its activation infeasible for virtually all battles she takes part in.

Full Analysis

The Type97 Shotgun, also known as the “Captain China”, is a SG who will do her job and do it well with barely any drawbacks. She has a high HP pool, good buff tiles, and she’s a guaranteed achievement reward from carrying out 10 Heavy Constructions which further adds to her positive traits.

Type97S’ relatively low armor stat will barely ever pose a threat to her because SGs virtually never get shot at in the first place. This can be attributed to MGs KOing the enemy at an almost absurd speed,and the built-in knockback mechanic that all Shotguns enjoy -- though her high HP will let Type97S withstand a sizable amount of hits if she needs to.

Type97S’ great buff tile placement paired with a good 12% Damage buff for MGs make her a versatile choice for Echelon compositions. Her column-wide buff means Type97S can fulfill her role as a tank and support in both 2MG 2HG 1SG and 3MG 1HG 1SG Echelon compositions successfully, meaning that she is not limited to only one type of Echelon composition. This utility makes Type97S even better than her other great qualities would imply; a difficult feat for sure, but she accomplishes it nonetheless.

Like most units in her class, Type97S does possess a downside that most SGs are plagued by, and that is her long Initial Skill Cooldown of 8 seconds. Unfortunately, this does mean that Type97S’ Skill will rarely -- if ever -- come into play, but this is more a weakness inherent in the SG class itself rather than a issue exclusive to Type97S herself.

Overall, Type97S is a powerful Shotgun that will help the player immensely if one is needed. She is a better choice than many others in her class thanks to the versatility granted by her buff tiles, and would make for a strong inclusion in any Echelon that seeks to include an SG.

Team Options

Strong MGs with high First Volley damage

To get the most out of Type97S’ tile buffs, she should be paired with MGs that can make the most out of them from the get-go such as MG5, PK and M2HB.

MGs with Armor Tile Buffs

To mitigate Type97S’ armor problem, MGs with Armor tile buffs can employed such as M1918 BAR, LWMMG and MG5.

Damage and Accuracy Buffing HGs

While shotguns by themselves don’t really deal Damage, HGs that can help Type97S further buff MGs or even help her make use of her Skill with Damage and/or Accuracy tile buffs such as SAA and Mk23 are great team options.


The Type 97-1 is a pump-action Shotgun developed in the late 1990s by Norinco primarily designed for domestic use and exportation. It was closely modeled after the Remington M870 and has many interchangeable parts that can be used with it as a result.

Voice Actor
Yuka Ootsubo
T-Doll Full Name
Type 97-1 Shotgun
Country of Origin
Common Nicknames
Captain China, T97S, Hawk 982

Other Stats

3 20
30 / 45 / 60 / 75 / 90
40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140
Move Speed
Crit. Rate
Crit. Damage
Armor Pen.