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Analysis by moonlee7777
T-Doll Role
Main Tank,

Basic Info


T-Doll Stats

This T-Doll is available in EN. Its rankings are based only on EN T-Dolls.

Max HP 80
Max DMG 28
Max ACC 71
Max EVA 90
Max ROF 52
Stat rankings are class specific


Affects all
Rate of Fire8%10%12%14%16%


Precision Suppression
Initial CD (6s)
Level 10 Effect Enemy ACC -45% (6s)
Level 10 Cooldown 12 Seconds
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CD 15 14.7 14.4 14.1 13.8 13.5 13.2 12.9 12.6 12
ACC- -30% (4s) -31.7% (4.2s) -33.3% (4.4s) -35% (0.7s) -36.7% (4.9s) -38.3% (5.1s) -40% (5.3s) -41.7% (5.6s) -43.3% (5.8s) -45% (6s)
T-Doll Costumes
English in Love


Lord of Darkness


Twilight Menace




Welrod is the ideal HG tank, being able to not only tank well herself, but also give tanking support to the subtank and give powerful buffs to the damage dealers.

Welrod’s kit doesn’t have one exceptionally good quality, but as a sum of parts she is excellent. Her Damage and RoF tile buffs also have great coverage, and although her buff percentages themselves are a bit low, they’re enough to support the DPS units of whatever Echelon she’s put in. Her Skill -- which decreases enemy accuracy -- also provides utility, fitting in well where another stat-buffing skill might have proven redundant. Everything considered, Welrod provides great utility that fits in a variety of Echelons, making her a great choice of HG no matter the team composition


Amazing Tile Buffs

Welrod provides both a Damage and RoF buff in her buff tiles, making her an ideal teammate for damage dealers.

Great Tile Coverage

Welrod tile positioning buffs everyone next to and behind her. This ensures that she can provide buffs to almost everyone in the Echelon, if not everyone.

Excellent Utility Skill

Welrod has a skill that decreases enemy Accuracy by 45%, taking burden off of her and the other tank.


Less Potent Buffs

While Welrod’s tile buff positioning is great, she has below average tile buff percentage in order to compensate.

Full Analysis

When considering her qualities in conjunction instead of individually, Welrod’s kit  shows versatility not found in many other HGs.

The first highlight of Welrod’s kit is her tile buffs. Welrod provides a 20% Damage buff and 16% RoF in her tiles, and on top of this, she has a fantastic tile formation, allowing her to buff the entire backline and units adjacent to her. This allows her to buff every unit in an Echelon with her tiles almost all the time, for the only downside of lacking buff potency. Even then, this weakness actually works in Welrod’s favor -- because her buffs aren’t overwhelmingly potent, she can fit in many different Echelon compositions instead of specializing in a certain type of team. Her Damage buff isn’t high enough to cause significant overkill in HGRF Echelons, and her RoF buff isn’t high enough to cause ARSMG Echelons to hit the RoF cap, meaning that Welrod will prove useful regardless of who she’s paired with.

Another highlight of Welrod’s kit is her Skill, lowering the enemy’s Accuracy by 45%, it takes a significant burden off of her and the other tank once it activates -- and it plays a particularly valuable role especially in HGRF echelons, where HGs are forced to tank. Since HGs are inherently bad at tanking due to their low HP, Welrod’s Skill provides great tanking support that synergizes well with the inherently high Evasion of HGs. Even then, Welrod’s Skill fits nicely in any Echelon; as opposed to  stat-buffing Skills which may have a hard time fitting in certain Echelon compositions due to their greater specialization.

The main feature that sets Welrod’s buffs and Skill apart from other units is that they synergize incredibly well, providing Welrod with excellent versatility. Thanks to her inherently weaker tile buffs, wide-reaching tile formation, and generally useful Skill, Welrod can fit in both ARSMG and HGRF echelons with ease, providing just enough offensive buffs to accent both Echelons. Even in Echelons where her buffs are not as needed, she’s still used for the sole fact that there aren’t many units that can fill her slot even just as well as her. All in all, Welrod is a valuable choice of unit, showing great versatility by complementing almost any Echelon she’s placed in.

Team Options


Offensive Subtanks - As Welrod can also buff tanks with Damage and RoF, an offensive subtank is often a good idea to make full use of Welrod’s buffs. Some examples are Vector and SR-3MP.

Any AR - Many ARs appreciate Welrod’s small RoF buff, and practically all ARs appreciate the Damage buff, so any decent AR can be used with her. Some examples are G41, G11, and T95.


Dual Buff HGs - As Welrod doesn’t provide buffs with her Skill, for HGRF Echelons two HGs that carry buffs in both their Skill and tiles are ideal teammates for her. For the most part, these will be RoF-buffing HGs. Some examples are PPK, Stechkin, and Five-seveN.

Any RF - Welrod is used universally in HGRF echelons for the tanking support that she provides on top of the useful tile buffs, so any RF fits with her whether they are self-buff or nuke RFs. Some examples are WA2000, SVD, Lee Enfield, and M14.


The Welrod is a British bolt action pistol that was developed during WWII at the Inter-Services Research Bureau to be used by irregular military and resistance forces. The Welrod is extremely suppressed, only being as loud as a passenger car when it fires.

Voice Actor
Asami Imai
The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited
T-Doll Full Name
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

Other Stats

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10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30
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